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Notoriously Evil Demons You Can Summon Right Now If You Dare

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Calling on demons is generally inadvisable, but if you must, here are the best evil spirits to summon. Just be prepared - invoking demonic presences might cause the worst to happen.

Tales of hauntings and poltergeist activity after a summons aren't uncommon, nor are night terrors and sleep paralysis. People report hearing voices in mysterious ancient languages. The skin of summoners has been slashed and scratched during rites, and mysterious illnesses sometimes befall those who attempt to invoke known forces of darkness.

But if the urge is there, these are the demons to summon.

  • Paimon, Most Obedient To Lucifer

    Photo: Louis Le Breton / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    One of the most powerful demons, Paimon is often depicted wearing a crown and seated atop a camel as he commands a 200-demon legion. Though his voice is booming, his demeanor is gentle and almost feminine. When successfully summoned into our realm, he can give invokers a deeper grasp of their internal selves and the Earth itself.

    To summon Paimon, you’ll need to be in daylight; use black and dark blue candles, mercury, and bindweed. Just be warned: Paimon requires a sacrifice, though the precise nature of the gift is unclear.

  • Zepar, The Red Demon Knight

    Photo: Wellcome Images / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 4.0

    While other demons specialize in brutality, Zepar just wants to spread the love - specifically, the love of an uninterested woman upon a doting man. But there's a catch: The woman who falls in love with Zepar’s summoner becomes barren.

    If you still want to call him, use copper, black candles, and mandrake during the day. Zepar should appear to you clad in red armor.

  • Ronove, Taker Of Old Souls

    Photo: Louis Le Breton / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    As a marquis of Hell, Ronove commands 20 legions of demons. Practically an underworld professor, he teaches art, rhetoric, and language. If summoned properly, he can share his skills, teaching you how to get into the good graces of influential people. Call on him during the daytime with purple candles and cinnamon.

    Ronove is depicted as a demon holding a staff, but descriptions lack consistency when it comes to his physical details. He’s known to be a taker of old souls, often coming to Earth to harvest decrepit humans and animals.

  • Andras, The Bodysnatcher

    Photo: J.A.S. Collin de Plancy / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Known for being able to possess his summoners, this is one demon you might want to avoid if you’re a fan of keeping your personal faculties under your own control. Once you summon Andras, this demon might slither into your body and make you harm whoever is nearby. 

    It might be best to call on him only if you're surrounded by enemies.