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How To Summon Lilith

Regarded as a demon by some and a goddess by others, Lilith was Adam’s first wife in Jewish mythology. Her refusal to acquiesce to Adam’s demands of passive compliance led to her demonic public image - but also her status as a feminist icon.

Many seek to summon Lilith in order to gain her wisdom, heal their ailments, or reap the benefits of her other perceived powers. Those who successfully summon Lilith experience a full spectrum of interactions - from frustration to empowerment. Practitioners shouldn’t enter into the rituals lightly or with a lack experience in dealing with divine entities.

  • Always Begin With Meditation

    Photo: Nina / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

    No matter which invocation or summoning ritual you choose, the first step to successfully call Lilith is meditation. Some suggest meditating with her sigil to build a bond between yourself and the dark goddess.

    When calling out to deities or demons, meditation also assists in strengthening the summoner to allow for a calm and controlled environment. Relaxation, focus on the task at hand, and a centering of one’s self provide a safer experience during the ritual.

  • Write Lilith A Letter Of Intentions

    Most internet searches for writing letters to demons method relate to succubi, but should work for Lilith as well. Some suggest utilizing a piece of black paper and a pencil to simply state the reasoning for calling out to Lilith.

    Next, speak an incantation before drawing a small amount blood from a finger - just enough to spatter the letter with a few drops. Immediately place the blood-stained letter into a fire-safe bowl or container and set it alight.

  • Use Her Sigil And A Black Candle On A Monday

    Lilith’s sigil allows a summoner to connect with the demon goddess on a subconscious level. It is also used within rituals to encourage her appearance.

    The sigil is a key component of one ritual that should be performed on a Monday while the moon is out. This summoning also requires  black candles, offerings of liquor and incense, and chanting to call out to Lilith.  

  • Employ A Lylet Mirror At A Crossroads

    The Lylet Mirror comes from the Munich Handbook of Necromancy; a source for conjuring black magick and evil entities. The mirror is enchanted by pronouncing a specific invocation before starting to assemble the magical object.

    Once the base mirror is constructed, the summoner should etch or paint the names of powerful entities and seals around its edges. Placing Lilith’s name in the center of the mirror is the last step before moving to the location of the ritual - a crossroads or “sepulcher of some murdered person.”

    On the evening of “a day of Mars or Saturn,” the summoner speaks an invocation to call out to Lilith at the chosen location before returning home via a new route. The actual interaction takes place on another night when the summoner returns to the location with their mirror to ask questions.