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Meet Mammon, A Demon Who Can Make You Rich If You're Willing To Play

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Who doesn't want power, money, and control? However, unless you’re born into a wealthy family, it’s hard to make your way to the top of the financial food chain. To get the authority and cash you desire, you’ve got to use everything at your disposal - even if it means reaching out into the great beyond. One entity that wants to help with that very thing is Mammon, the ancient demon of greed. However, you can’t just call Mammon up and demand riches. Similarly to the demon Lilith, Mammon requires intense spells, chants, and offerings before he will grant you your deepest financial desires. 

Each of the spells and incantations provided below has come from witches, pagans, and bloggers who have carried them out at varying levels of success. Don't take these spells lightly; this is strictly educational.  

  • Invoke Mammon With Psalm 23

    Just because Mammon is a demon doesn't mean that you have to buy the Satanic Bible to summon him. For this incantation, grab a copy of the King James Bible and keep it open to Psalm 23 before stepping into a pentagram that you've drawn on the floor. 

    The pentagram strengthens the spell. Make sure you have a candle burning while you're facing away from the top of the pentagram to represent the "triumph of will over spirit," making it easier for Mammon to access your soul. 

    Before following through with this spell, cleanse yourself with evil. Then, recite the Psalm and insult the demon to invoke his wrath and bring him forward. 

  • Make And Apply Money Oil To Mammon's Sigil

    One method to gain access to Mammon's wealth is the creation of money oil. The ingredients for money oil include blood, so don't take this recipe lightly. The recipe requires mint oil, the seal of Mammon, a blade, paper money, and money powder made with cinnamon, nutmeg, parsley, and basil. 

    Place the mint oil and money powder on a candle and let it burn while you call out to Mammon. Once Mammon appears, cover the seal with blood and mint oil. Finally, sprinkle money powder on the seal and around the house in which you are performing the ritual.

  • Photo: Evelyn De Morgan / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Perform The Chant Of Mammon

    There are several incantations dedicated to the demon. Each of these chants accomplishes a different goal. Choose one based on what you hope to get out of summoning the demon. It is essential to identify the desired action before delving into the incantation. 

    For instance, "Tasa Mammon On Ca Lirach" is meant to directly summon Mammon, while "Mammon Liftoach Qliphoth" is ideal to ask Mammon to strengthen further spells. 

  • You Can Summon Mammon Through A Mirror, But It Involves A Sacrifice 

    Another way to call on Mammon is through invoking the demon through a mirror. This particular ritual requires a mirror, meat, coins, and a sacrifice. Place the mirror on the ground, keep the coins in your left hand with the meat in your right hand, take off your shoes, and step onto the mirror.

    You may want to do this ritual with a friend because it can quickly go wrong.