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Meet Mammon, A Demon Who Can Make You Rich If You're Willing To Play

Who doesn't want power, money, and control? However, unless you’re born into a wealthy family, it’s hard to make your way to the top of the financial food chain. To get the authority and cash you desire, you’ve got to use everything at your disposal - even if it means reaching out into the great beyond. One entity that wants to help with that very thing is Mammon, the ancient demon of greed. However, you can’t just call Mammon up and demand riches. Similarly to the demon Lilith, Mammon requires intense spells, chants, and offerings before he will grant you your deepest financial desires. 

Each of the spells and incantations provided below has come from witches, pagans, and bloggers who have carried them out at varying levels of success. Don't take these spells lightly; this is strictly educational.  

  • Photo: Sascha Schneider / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Give Yourself Over To Greed

    According to the New Testament, Mammon is the deity of money and wealth. He is the personification of greed and the god of excess. By summoning Mammon, you could receive great riches and meet life goals.

    There are different ways to summon Mammon, including chants and spells. To bring him on you have to be prepared to deal with any potential consequences. 

  • Photo: George Frederic Watts / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Meditate On Mammon's Sigil

    One blogger notes that they were able to contact Mammon by meditating on the demon's sigil and chanting its enn. This blogger set up their ritual space, focused on the sigil, and began chanting until the energy of the room changed. 

    They claim that after a while they made contact with an intermediary demon who helped construct an incredibly detailed ritual. Following the ceremony, Mammon provided a list of books that would allegedly help deepen this blogger's pockets. 

  • Photo: Louis Le Breton / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Make An Owl Rope Bracelet

    One method for reaching out to the deity of greed involves crafting an owl rope bracelet to symbolize friendship and trust with the demon. In making the bracelet, you create a tangible metaphor for the circle of trust. You can then bond with Mammon's energy once you establish reciprocity. 

    The bracelet is made with the sink of Norwegian owls and is supposed to help Mammon feel comfortable in the human world and cleanse the wearer from any "good" energy.  

  • Photo: Rose Le Quesne / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Make A Mammon Pendant

    Carry out one of the rituals of Mammon by strengthening your incantations with pendants and compliments. One of the best pendants to boost your energy is the sigil of the demon. This is a show of respect and admiration for Mammon. 

    Connect the ornament to a necklace and engrave it with the sigil to guide the deity into your human body.