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How To Summon Paimon, The Demon Featured In 'Hereditary'

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King Paimon is one of the many spirits found within the Lesser Key of Solomon who still inspires modern minds. The demon supposedly promises endless knowledge in all manner of hidden secrets, and he's made his way into pop culture through his integral role in the movie Hereditary.

With Hereditary's ending now explained, some may be wondering how someone can summon one of the four kings of hell. Though there are no guarantees when it comes to successfully summoning Paimon, people have provided methods and facts you'd need to know before attempting it. Be careful, because while not everything written about demons is true, some of it might be - so summon at your own risk.

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    Invocation Could Compel Paimon To Answer Your Questions

    Invocation involves calling a spirit to the caster. It differs from traditional rituals found in grimoires because it provides direct, unrestricted communication between you and the demon. One such ritual involves inscribing a large circle on the ground, big enough for both the caster and the demon, and placing a candle in each cardinal direction.

    Invoke the demons Belial to the north, Lucifer to the east, Flereous to the south, and Leviathan to the west. They will be guardians of earth, air, fire, and water, respectively. Then, call upon Satan in the center to bind and balance the elements.

    Once all that's done, call out to Paimon and ask him to join the circle. With a little luck, he will answer your questions and fulfill your requests.

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    Group Summoning Rituals May Further Attract Paimon

    Summoning in a group can be beneficial due to the comradery that comes with a demonic cabal, and the increased energy available to the demon being summoned. To summon Paimon as a group, wait until nightfall and prepare the ritual space with candles and incense. Join hands and call out to Paimon as a group, chanting his name and inviting his presence in unison.

    It's possible he'll choose to communicate telepathically or through the voices of those present. If he does make his presence known, have questions and requests prepared, as well as an offering, to be respectful.

    When the ritual is done, bid Paimon a firm, but polite, farewell. When everyone is ready, you may break the circle. Spend some time discussing the experience as a group - demon summoning takes a lot of energy, after all.

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    Paimon Arrives In Regal Grandeur

    Though there is some variation in the appearances of Paimon, his grandeur is mentioned in all accounts. Paimon has a woman's face, but a man's form, regaled with fine jewelry and a golden crown. He is mounted upon a camel, which the Sloane Manuscript 3824 describes as also wearing a crown.

    Anyone considering summoning Paimon must take into account the amount of noise he makes. Paimon's voice is so unnaturally loud and authoritative that it hurts anyone who listens. To merely understand the demon, you must request he lower his voice. Preceding him is a host of spirits who appear as men playing loud fanfare with a diverse arrangement of horns, cymbals, and other musical instruments.

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    Paimon Travels With An Army And Two Lesser Kings

    Paimon is one of the greater kings of hell, and like other kings, he travels with an entourage. When summoning Paimon, be aware that he travels with two lesser kings, Bebal and Abalam, and 25 of the 200 spirit legions under his command.

    Consider laying out extra offerings for the spirits he brings with him and be prepared for some mischief; though spirits may be chaste and honorable, many of those Paimon brings could be unstable and undesirable. The best course of action is to be respectful and courteous to all spirits invoked.