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If You Ever Wanted To Actually Summon A Shadow Person, This Is How You'd Do It

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If you've ever found yourself face-to-face with scary shadow people, know you're not alone; tons of stories exist online about these freaky entities and the process of summoning a shadow person. The term "shadow people" first appeared in 2001, although some say these spooky silhouettes trace their roots back to early man. Regardless of exactly who or what these shadowy spirits are, shadow person stories litter the Internet, suggesting this phenomenon happens to people from all walks of life. While the beings themselves remain difficult to classify, the process of how to summon a shadow person is actually pretty easy, as long as you have the proper tools and mindset.

The act of inviting a shadow person requires a different set of rituals than those used for contacting the dead. Though they possess similar haunting qualities of ghosts, shadow people are likely another form of supernatural phenomena. According to some reports, shadow people are the leftover energy of the dead that somehow remain stuck in the mortal realm, while another theory posits that shadow people are astral projections. Thankfully, their origins mean little in regards to summoning them, meaning all you need to do is adapt a negative attitude, light some candles, put up some mirrors, and wait for the room to go cold.

  • A Dysfunctional Family Is Your Key To Success

    Though negative energy brings out the worst in normal people, it also brings out shadow people, making it a key ingredient for your summoning purposes. To see the entity known as the Hat Man, though, you need a special type of negativity. Members of a dysfunctional family are the most likely to encounter Hat Man, especially during periods of strong emotional upheaval. Duncan Connor, who runs a website dedicated to the shadow being, describes his own run-in with the Hat Man, and how it also appeared to other members of his family. In other words, if you and your spouse start fighting a lot, it might lead to an appearance from the Hat Man. This shadow person tends to stick to basements, so be sure it looks dim and full of cobwebs for the Hat Man's debut.

  • Contact One Via Wiccan Magic

    A relatively easy spell used by shadow witches helps you connect with a shadow person. The setup for this ritual requires few supplies: an empty room, crystals, and black candles. Light the candles before picking up a crystal, then sit down quietly in a corner. Close your eyes, focus your energy on making contact, and literally push your hand out until you feel the temperature drop. As their whispers and dark figures form in your mind's eye, focus your energy towards them as a means of attracting their attention. At this point, it's believed you've made contact with a shadow person! Ask it for assistance, but prepare yourself to quickly drop the crystal, open your eyes, and blow out the candles if anything goes wrong.  

    If this fails to work the first time, you could always turn to a shadow witch for assistance.

  • Use A Djinn Summoning Ritual

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    Some believe djinn and shadow people are the same thing. Therefore, a djinn summoning ritual like the one above may enable you to call forth a shadow person. To begin, arrange a ritual table with a candle on each corner along with a mirror, a wooden bowl, natural stones, a solid silver ring, and a piece of paper containing the symbol of the exact djinn, or shadow person, you wish to summon.

    After setting everything up, pour salt water into the bowl, light your candles, and then allow yourself to enter into a meditative state where you may focus solely on invoking the djinn. Numerous phrases can summon the djinn, but the most important thing is to offer an invitation and concentrate on bringing the djinn into the room. Be aware you may revoke this invitation at any time by blowing out the candles and telling the djinn to leave.     

  • Call A Shadowman, But Give It A Visitation Time Limit

    The central basis of almost all shadow person summoning rituals centers around extending an invitation. Beyond that, these rituals vary greatly from person-to-person based on one's beliefs, background, or psychic abilities in general. One option requires several participants, one of who must sit in a darkened room with a mirror. The others sit in a circle outside the door and chant, "Shadowman, Shadowman, he hates the day. Shadowman, Shadowman, come out and play."

    During the chanting, it is imperative for one member of the group to knock on the door between the summoners and the person waiting to commune with the shadow person. Each knock gives the shadow person an hour in your home, so don't get overly zealous and knock too many times. If all goes well, the shadowman will appear in the mirror.