12 Effective Means Of Summoning Spectral Forces With A Ouija Board

Ouija boards are probably the most readily accessible, yet most misunderstood, magical items in the world. You can buy them on Amazon, in game aisles at toy stores, and you can even make your own, like the Charlie Charlie game, but do Ouija boards work? Can you actually talk to the dead with a spirit board or does it make use of some form of mass hypnosis? If used correctly, summoning spectral forces with a Ouija board is as easy as getting some friends together and asking the right questions. But to summon Ouija board spirits worth talking to, you’ve got to focus your energy and follow some simple rules to the letter. If you don’t, you run the risk of living out an Amityville Horror situation - and you don’t want that.

The greatest misconception about Ouija boards is they’re inherently evil, but the truth is they’re essentially telephones you can use to speak to the dead. If you follow the steps laid out here, you should have a fun. And if you don't? Well, we would be lying if we said there haven't been times using a Ouija board went horribly wrong. Either way, your life is about to become much more interesting. Keep reading to learn how to use a Ouija board. Remember, do this at your own risk, and don’t come crying to us when Beelzebub haunts your house forever, K?

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  • Choose Your Group Wisely

    Choose Your Group Wisely
    Photo: Ouija/Universal Studios

    Using a Ouija board is no different than having a party or creating the perfect playlist - all of the right pieces need to be in place. In order to use a Ouija board, you have to utilize the group's psychic energy. And to do so to the degree to which you'll need to touch base with something from beyond the corporeal realm, you may need to try different combinations of people on the board to see if which works best. The group should consist of a leader who controls the session and asks questions, two to three "energizers" who touch the planchette and provide psychic energy for the leader, and one person who act as a documenter who takes notes of everything that comes out of the session.

  • Meditate Before Your Session

    Meditate Before Your Session
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    Before you get started, the group should take a moment to relax and ground its energy. A 5 - 10 minute guided meditation should help you balance your chakras and focus your mental energy. Even if you're not sold on chakras, it never hurts to shut everything off for a few minutes. You'll feel more relaxed and focused, which should help you get in contact with the spirit world.

  • Make Use Of A Protection Prayer

    Make Use Of A Protection Prayer
    Photo: Haunting in Connecticut/Lionsgate

    Before you start summoning anything, you should say a protection prayer. It may seem cheesy, but if you're planning on speaking to something from beyond the grave then you should do everything you can to protect yourself from being attack by a malevolent force. Here's a classic protection prayer from The Psychic Well: “May this session be surrounded by Golden Light. May this Golden Light protect us from Negativity, the Opposition Forces, the Dark Side, and any entity that may try to harm us. May we also be surrounded by a crystalline dome that will reflect back any such negative forces that may get through.”

  • Draw A Magic Circle Of Salt

    Draw A Magic Circle Of Salt
    Photo: Devil Rides Out/20th Century Fox

    Before starting your Ouija party, make a magical circle made of salt around the place where the board is being used. Salt should be your go to magic circle ingredient because it absorbs psychic energy and binds it into its own structure. It's believed that once safely inside this protective circle, everyone inside is safe from any kind of Demonic influence or assault. Hopefully you don't need to do that, but better safe than sorry.

  • Use A Clairvoyant To Boost Your Spiritual Energy

    Use A Clairvoyant To Boost Your  Spiritual Energy
    Photo: Ghostbusters 2/Columbia Pictures

    If your leader isn't confident in asking questions and speaking to things which are definitely dead, and which may have never been born, then hire a clairvoyant for the evening to lead your session. It's easier to have a controlled session with a medium present who can tell when things are getting weird, and who can shut the session down if a spirit gets too feisty. 

  • Perform The Ritual In A Dark Room With No Distractions

    Perform The Ritual In A Dark Room With No Distractions
    Photo: Ouija/Universal Pictures

    When it comes to ritual magic, the more distractions you have the less likely it is you'll be able to conjure a demon, speak to dead, or perform any kind of spell. If you're going to try and commune with a demon, then perform the ritual in a room without any TVs or music, and keep the lights low. If you are going to have some light in the room, then just use candles. Not only do you want to create a spooky mood, but too much light can scare off a spirit.