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11 Ways To Summon The Dead: A Step By Step Guide

In all honesty, busting out spells in hopes of resurrecting the dead sounds like an all around terrible idea. You may think that bringing a loved one back to life is an amazing idea, but you have no way of knowing what you’re really bringing back. Pet Sematary, anyone? Since the dawn of time people have wanted to learn how to bring back the dead. It’s a natural reaction to want those whom you’re mourning to come back, even if it's just for one last conversation. Because of this, there are myths and legends galore about all of those who have actually found ways to do just that.

Witches and necromancers have claimed to possess spells for reanimating the dead - but even in these stories the reunion is temporary. The spirit world is contacted for communication purposes only and then laid back to rest. There’s an arsenal of tactics that allegedly allow for a friendly little chit-chat with the dead. So, if you insist on giving it a try, collected here is a brief outline of the most popular ways to do it. Pretty much all these summoning processes require the cloak of darkness, a candle-lit atmosphere, and a relaxed and opened mindset for the conjurer. Good luck.

  • Conducting A Séance With A Gathering Of People Allows More Energy

    Sometimes lone witchy-woo-woo isn’t enough to get a spirit good and summoned. If you find yourself struggling to get the attention of a certain spirited-someone, a séance might be just what you need as (in theory) spirits can draw from the energy of the group and communicate easier. Three people around a table in a candlelit room should do the trick, but the more the merrier, or scarier, depending on how you look at it.

    It’s best to conduct the séance in a dim, candlelit room, and once you’ve called out to the dead, stick to “yes” or “no” questions if possible. Communication can be as simple as two knocks for yes and one knock for no. Keep in mind, though, that contacting a malicious spirit posing as a loved one is always a risk no matter what method of divination you’re attempting.

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    You Can Always Bring In A Medium To Do The Channeling For You

    Mediumship involves receiving messages from spirits while, in most cases, still being fully awake. Bringing in a medium can certainly speed things up, though, as they already have a natural ability to contact the dead and are able to enter and exit trances seamlessly.

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    Saying Prayers To The Dead Could Help Summon Them

    Some faiths practice praying for and to the dead, as it not only it provides the living with comfort, but some believe it prompts actual communication with the deceased in dreams.

    Then there are those who take summoning the dead through prayer to a completely different level - as is the case with the group filmed in the 2013 documentary “Dead Raisers.” 
    The documentary covers an Evangelical Christian group, who call themselves The Dead Raising Team, as they travel the world raising the dead and healing the sick. The group’s founder, Tyler Johnson, claims to be personally responsible for bringing 13 corpses back to life.

    They claim that they’re able to literally raise the dead and, in fact, the documentary stars a man named Mark DeDio, who claims he died from a drug overdose, went to hell, and was pulled back to life by Jesus.

  • Apply Self Hypnosis Techniques To Fall Into A Trance

    Another method of spirit summoning involves opening yourself up fully and slipping into a trance-like state. Keep in mind, though, that there is a huge difference between general hypnosis and putting yourself in a trance where you then allow a spirit to take over.

    You won’t be conscious and being able to recall anything while in this altered state of mind is highly unlikely, so you’ll need someone you trust to be there, writing down everything you say and keeping an eye on you.