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How To Summon Valak, The Demon Featured In 'The Conjuring 2' And 'The Nun'

It's not every day that a demon gets name-dropped on the big screen, but Valak's certainly been making a splash. For those who want to know how to summon Valak, the internet has your back. Be careful, though: The demon from The Conjuring universe isn't quite how he appears in the movies. In fact, a grain of salt should be taken whenever learning about demons, whether it's on the internet or in films. After all, demonology isn't a precise science.

That said, whatever happens when summoning Valak happens at your own risk - possession and all.

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    The 'Pseudomonarchia Daemonum' Outlines An Intricate Method Of Conjuring Valak

    The Pseudomonarchia Daemonum is a grimoire from the 1500s that classifies, organizes, and outlines the summoning rituals for various demons. It names Valak as a great president of Hell, with angel's wings and a face like a young boy. He rides a two-headed dragon and answers questions about hidden treasure and the locations of serpents.

    To summon him, the general evocation ritual of the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum is used. This requires fasting for three to four days until all pollutants are cleansed from the body. Once properly cleared, the summoner makes a circle and calls out to the spirit by name and rank while holding a ring in hand. Then, the summoner recites their own name and a page-long prayer that can be found in the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum. If done correctly, Valak should appear within the circle to offer all kinds of hidden knowledge.

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    'The Lesser Key Of Solomon' Says The Summoner Must Daunt Valak

    The Lesser Key of Solomon, while not believed to be written by the actual biblical king, is nonetheless an ancient foundational text for ceremonial magicians. Like other grimoires, it names various demons and outlines the methods of summoning them. In Valak's case, his seal must be worn by the conjurer and inscribed within a magic triangle unique to the book.

    The magician must stand in a magic circle for protection while clothed in a complicated uniform, which includes the likes of "a girdle of Lyons skin." In the protective circle, the summoner recites various prayers and conjuration scripts (all found within the first volume of The Lesser Key). Next, the conjurer must frighten Valak - with more special scripts and curses - into performing their bidding.

    It's a pretty intense method that requires quite a bit of research, but it's also one of the oldest and most traditional when it comes to demonic evocations.

  • Channeling Valak Might Make Him Reveal Himself Directly

    Many older grimoires rely on capturing demons in magic circles. For those looking for a relationship that isn't so one-sided, it might be better to channel Valak. Begin by preparing a space with candles and incense - the fancier, the better - he is a president, after all. Copy or print out the demon's sigil from The Lesser Key of Solomon, and spend time memorizing it so it may be envisioned at will. Then picture the sigil while chanting Valak's name.

    Scrying into a mirror or incense smoke will help ease any communication on his part, though if done often enough, it's possible Valak will find a way to make his presence known more directly.

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    Only Those Worthy Of His Presence Should Try To Summon Valak

    According to the Dictionnaire Infernal, a French grimoire printed in various editions throughout the 1800s, those who wish to summon Valak should do so with caution. If the conjurer is deemed worthy, the underworld president will help them find all manner of hidden treasures. There's a strong chance he'll make good on his offer, too, considering he has 30 legions of demons under his command.

    Those demons aren't all friendly, though, and if the conjurer is deemed unworthy of Valak's presence, they may converge to ruin the summoner's life. Unfortunately, the Dictionnaire doesn't specify how Valak measures worth. It's probably smart to bring out the best incense, just in case.