christmas Here's How To Take The Perfect Picture With Your Holiday Lights  

Rebecca High

There's nothing worse than another blurry picture of crumpled wrapping paper on someone's social media feed... Except maybe another dark, blurry photo of someone's holiday lights. This video has tips and tricks to guarantee you never share such a shabby photo.

What looks so festive in real life never seems to translate to the average person's camera. And here's why! Step 1: Use the lights to illuminate an interesting subject. The warm glow translates better to a photo if it's actually glowing on something.

Step 2: Get up close and personal with those lights! The camera doesn't see things the same way a naked eye does. You need light to fill out that nighttime black. 3. Here's your chance to get creative with angles - you've been working that selfie game, so try it out on that Christmas tree!

These aren't the only tips to help make your social media truly shine this holiday season. Watch the video for more, and start snapping!