13 Helpful Ways You Can Tell Kylie And Kendall Jenner Apart 

Jacob Shelton
Updated June 14, 2019 14.7k views 13 items

Newsflash for all you non-celebheads out there, Kylie and Kendall Jenner are not the same person. That’s right folks, they’re actually non-twin sisters who are two years apart in age (you’ll just have to keep reading to find out which one is older).

That sound you hear right now is your head exploding, so take as long as you need to pick up the pieces of brain and readjust to this new reality. Now, you’re probably wondering, “Which one is Kylie and which one is Kendall?!” Well you’re in luck because the following list contains multiple ways to tell Kylie and Kendall Jenner apart – unfortunately however, none of them include sitting down with the two sisters over breakfast at House of Pies and asking, “What’s the deal with you two being so similar?”

Scholars at the E! network have long theorized about how one might be able to tell Kylie and Kendall apart, at one point believing that the only way to differentiate the sisters was by consulting a small tattoo that Kris Jenner gave each girl at birth. But that turned out to be a myth, so they had to figure out another way to work out which sister was which. After spending weeks shouting “Kylie!” and “Kendall!” at the girls and seeing which one would respond, they ended up with murky data at best. Luckily for everyone involved, these 13 facts are sure-fire ways to tell which Jenner sister you’re talking to if you happen to run into them while you’re hanging out in Calabasas. Just shove your lips in a tiny jar and keep reading to find out how to tell the Jenners apart.

Kendall Has A Normal Supermodel Face, While Kylie Has Been Attacked By Very Focused Bees

You may think you're able to tell the two Jenner sisters apart, but that's just because you're looking at separate photos of them with their names in the title of the article. If you have to look at them together, it's an exercise in futility to know which one is which. Until now, that is. Remember this the next time you're looking at a photo of the two almost twins pouting next to each other in denim rompers – Kendall is the woman whose face has the look of an everyday-ho-hum supermodel, and Kylie's is the one that looks like she was also a normal, boring supermodel who was stung by a series of bees who focused specifically on her lips

Kylie Goes Nuts With Her Hair, Kendall Keeps It Shoulder Length

To be honest you never know what Kylie's going to do with her hair. One day it's a blue ombre, the next day it's white, and the day after that it's in the shape of an umbrella. All you can be sure of is that it's going to be DID. Kendall is a little more conservative with her hairstyle, which she keeps shoulder length to honor the memory of Christy Turlington

Kendall Dresses Like A Mom, While Kylie Dresses Like Kim

Here's another simple question to ask yourself when trying to figure out which Jenner sister you're talking to: Is the Jenner sister you're having a one-on-one conversation with dressed like a mom at a fashion show? If so, you're dealing with Kendall, and you should change the conversation to local organic beets. If the Jenner sister you're hanging out with is dressed like Kim Kardashian, you're talking to Kylie, and you should change the conversation to local organic beets. Both of the Jenner sisters love local organic beets. 

Kendall Jenner Has A Lip Tattoo

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This is harder to investigate than anything on this list because you have to be up close and personal with the Jenner sisters to figure out which one is which. But if you get the chance to see the inside of either of their mouths, you'll be able to tell which sister you're hanging out with if they do or don't have a tattoo that says "meow" on their bottom lip. Remember, Kendall has a stupid tattoo on her lip, and Kylie has stupid lips. Don't mix those two things up!