The 5 Signs of a True Best Friend 

Samantha Dillinger
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Everyone needs a best friend, whether you're a an old cat lady or a kindergartener. Friendship is essential to human happiness and well-being. How do you know your friend is really your best friend

This comprehensive checklist has 5 signs your best friend really is your true BFF and will help you know what to look for while searching for your better half. A true friend isn't afraid to tell you the cold hard truth and can find it in their heart to be happy for you, even if they're going through a rough time. They know all your secrets (and may have even heard you fart) but still love you for who you are.

Celebrity best friend duos such asTaylor Swift and Selena Gomez, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, and Amy Poehler and Tina Fey know what it's all about. Even the rich and famous need someone to get them through the rough stuff and celebrate the fun times with.

Don't have a best friend of your own? See how these '90s TV besties did it, or choose a BFF from this list of fictional sidekicks who would make great great friends.
They're Honest With You.
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As Oscar Wilde once said, "True friends stab you in the front."

The truth may hurt, but everyone's gotta hear it sometimes: "No, that floor-length floral print dress does not look incredible." ... "Yes, it is weird that you're always worried about being attacked by giant spiders." ... "No, I find your braided and beaded armpit hair neither attractive nor a good representation of your free-spirited self." ... "Yes, after eating Ranch dressing for every meal for three weeks, you smell faintly like old, gross Ranch dressing."

Once a friend starts tossing out the truth bombs and your ego is feeling slightly bruised, you know you've entered into official best-friend territory. No more hiding from the truth anymore. This is a person who's going to bang you over the head with the ugly-truth stick. Literally. Okay, maybe not literally, but it's going to be close enough when those hard-earned facts bring you sadly to your knees, crestfallen.

Don't panic though; you've earned it. This bestie isn't out to get you; it's just the cold hard facts of life. They want the best for you and aren't afraid to offer up the truth, even when it's hard to hear. And let's be honest here. It's going to be best for everyone once you shave off those heinous armpit braids and just rock the regular beaded armpit hair, amiright?
They've Seen Everything on Your IPod.
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Rocking out to your favorite Disney-song mix isn't something you're going to want to do with little Miss New Friend next to you in the car. No, you're going to rock your ultra-hip indie mix with the most obscure corner of your collection and throw in a, "Oh, you haven't heard of the I'm-Full-of-Shit band? Yeah, I totally love these guys. They're so amazing live."

Thankfully, not only did your BFF help you compile that Disney mix, but they know the words to all the songs, including the ones way past your time. 

Oh, and was that a bonus Hanson song that just played in the middle of that mix? No worries. We'll just Mmm Bop our way to the BFF bracelet store together.
They've Farted in Front of You
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A best friend is equally essential for binge-watching "Sex in the City" for a fifth time as they are for a night out on the town. Throw in a few pairs of sweat pants, mis-matched socks, some junk food, and let 'em rip.

You'll know they're you're one-and-only when you let one slip for the first time and their response is, "Good one, dude," and let out an even fouler fart themselves. Your closet gassiness can finally be eased with the comfort of knowing your true best friend is right there beside you, through thick and thin, to cheer you on through your flatulence. 

They Can Finish Your Sentences.
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Your primo partner in crime always knows exactly what you're...

about to say.

Couldn't finish it, could you? And that's why we're not best friends.

When you can't get the words out of your mouth, your best friend will be there.
When you're about to ruin the punchline of a joke, your best friend will be there.
And when you're powering up to party and are declaring your party declaration, your best friend will be there.

They know what you're thinking. It's like they know you.