27 Small But Poignant Details Fans Pointed Out About The 'How To Train Your Dragon' Franchise

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The How To Train Your Dragon franchise is a touching tale of Hiccup Haddock III and his friends discovering the local dragon population and learning to coexist with the powerful and mystical creatures. It is known by many as a cinematic masterpiece from the score to the parallel beginnings and endings of the films. Below is a roundup of the small but poignant details fans have pointed out since the movies' releases from 2010-2019. The movies are filled with Easter eggs and cool behind-the-scenes facts about the animators, some of which you can find here. Be sure to vote up your favorite details or anything that you might have missed. 

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    Stormfly And Toothless Are Engraved In The Cloak Clasps At Astrid And Hiccup's Wedding

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    'How To Train Your Dragon 3' Is A Visual Journey Of Hiccup Experiencing Toothless As A Wild Creature Again

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    Toothless Will Do Anything To Make Hiccup Happy Even If It Is Dangerous - He Never Takes His Eyes Off Of Hiccup

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    Astrid Braids Hiccup's Hair At The Beginning Of The Film And They Can Still Be Seen As The Movie Ends

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    Toothless Has Been Surrounded By Humans For Years And When Trying To Court The Light Fury, He Mimics The Only Courting He Has Ever Seen, Valka And Stoick

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    Gobber Went The Extra Mile To Create Hiccup's New Leg Because He Knows What It's Like To Lose Limbs

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