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We've Been Using Our Makeup Brushes Wrong This Whole Time

Be honest: are you using makeup brushes the way you’re supposed to? When it comes to everyday makeup, it’s natural to want to consolidate your makeup bag and use one big brush to tackle everything - powder, blush, bronzer, and even shadow. But there are tons of different kinds of makeup brushes for a reason.

Even if you do switch things up and run through a lineup of brushes every time you apply your makeup, chances are you're doing it wrong - or at least not using your brushes to their fullest potential. This makeup brush guide breaks down exactly when and how to use different brushes the right way, so you never have to wonder, Is this how I'm supposed to use this one? again.

You may want to take notes - this makeup brush how-to is about to blow your beauty-loving mind.

  • Crease Blending Brush

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    Are you a fan of dramatic eye makeup? Then you're familiar with adding dark shadow to your crease. But did you know that there's a makeup brush made just for crease blending? Snap up the Japonesque Crease Blending Brush to take your eye makeup game to the next level. Just swirl it into the crease of your eye in circular motions for expert blending.

  • Smudge Brush

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    A smudge brush is a necessity for anyone who loves a good smokey eye - and that's pretty much everyone, right? Here's how to use it: line your eyes with your favorite kohl liner, then use a smudge brush, like Sigma Beauty's version, to artfully smudge the eyeliner around the rims of your eyes for the ultimate sultry look.

  • Angled Eyeliner Brush

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    When dealing with cream or gel eye liners, you can't simply use any brush. You need an angled eyeliner brush to sit flush with your lash line. Just dip the angled edge into the liner and run it along your lash line, starting at the inside corner and dragging it through the outer edge. Kooba's Angled Eyeliner Brush is the best. 

  • Contour Brush

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    While you could use your angled blush brush to apply contour powder, you'll get a more blended and sculpted look with a contour brush, like Real Techniques Sculpting Brush. The bristles are slightly firmer than a typical blush brush with a more angled tip, ideal for sculpting yourself a pair of Kardashian-esque cheeks.