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Summer The Best Ways to Style Summer Flats  

Lauren Slocum
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Get ready for the sunshine and throw on a pair of your favorite summer shoes of 2014. . .flats! Comfortable flats are a low-maintenance women's shoe that can be paired with just about anything! In order to prove just how effortless and versatile flats are (seriously, they are the perfect summer shoes for women!), we've compiled this list of the best ways to wear flats.

We understand that you probably (hopefully) know HOW to wear flats. "Put them on your feet!," would be the obvious solution. So instead of simply stating the obvious, we've done all the research for you and paired different types of flats with different outfits. Whether you're tall or small, anyone can pull off a pair of flats when worn with the right outfit. 

They were coined "flats" because they characteristically have no heel. And just because a flat has to be flat doesn't mean it can't have other diverse feature. There's the ballet flat, the peep-toe flat, the sandal flat, the pointed-toe flat, and the ankle-strap flat. Feeling feminine? Wear a pair of ballet flats with a flower-print sundress. Feeling sexy? How about a pair of high-waisted shorts with a tube-top and some ankle-strap flats? Flats are awesome because they compliment just about any ensemble and they're absolutely effortless to wear.

 Depending on your budget, you can find flats for a steal of a deal, and if you're looking for a more comfortable, everyday flat with an arch, you can find that, too! So read on ladies! Pull out the flats from your closet and find the best way for you to look stylish and chic this summer!
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Studded Flats With Denim

Not feeling the flowery, hippie vibes of summer time? Prefer to keep things a little edgier? Wearing a pair of studded flats with denim channels that inner 1950’s greaser while still appearing presentable for a wide range of activities. Whether you’re ordering pitchers of beer in a smelly  bar or dancing in the grass at your favorite music festival, this combo is sure to impress.
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Nude Flats With a Sun Dress

Whether you’re 6’2” or 5’2”, the short summer dress paired with nude flats will be both fun and flattering. Nude flats will add length and color to your legs and the short dress calls attention to those legs. By wearing a nice pair of flats with a dress, you kick up the style a notch by eliminating the casual vibe of the sandal or flip flop. Who says you need heels to look fancy and classy?!
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Ankle Strap Flats With a Skirt

This fun and flirty look is great for those summer days when you’re looking for an effortless yet feminine outfit. There’s not too much fuss and the combination of your toes wiggling freely and the wind tickling your thighs will put you in that fun-loving, laid-back, summer state of mind.
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Embroidered Flats With a Solid Colored Outfit

“How does she make it look so easy?!” you ask? Because it is! A form fitting sweater, a pair of flattering slacks, and some flats can be a classy ensemble that even Audrey Hepburn approves. If you fear wearing flats because you’re already vertically challenged, try the Audrey trick by pairing them with an all black, figure slimming get-up.