makeup 10 Ways To Wear Green Eyeshadow  

Lauren Slocum
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If you’ve been looking for some tips on how to wear green eyeshadow this summer, look no further! This lists includes ideas on how to apply eyeshadow and images to reference when you are applying eyeshadow at home. You might be wondering what the best way to wear green eyeshadow with brown eyes is. Or maybe you’re trying to make your blue eyes really “pop” this summer with some bright green shimmer. Even if you’re already rockin’ a pair of beautiful green eyes, green eye makeup just might add that element of cosmetic adventure you’ve been craving.

Wearing green eyeshadow doesn’t mean you need to be twisting a piece of pink bubble gum around your finger and it doesn’t mean your hair needs to be teased into a beehive. Green eyeshadow can be classy and chic and there are plenty of sexy ways to pull it off. Paired with a bright lipstick or brightly eyeliner, green eyeshadow can be the perfect splash of color for that black cocktail dress OR your favorite summer sundress.

Wearing a great shade of green eyeshadow can spice up your normal makeup routine, giving you a fun, funky, and fresh new look. So pick up those make up brushes, apply some of your favorite eyeshadows, and use the examples in this list as a tutorial on how to wear green eyeshadow!


Wear It Without Eyeliner


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Pair It With A Dark, Winged Eyeliner


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Bright Eyeliner On The Bottom


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Add A Little Shimmer!


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