How To Wear Red Eyeshadow

It started on the runway with every fashion label from Anna Sui to Kenzo showcasing red eyeshadow on their models in 2017. Then, Selena Gomez wore red eyeshadow to the 2017 Met Gala, and it was clear: wearing red makeup on your eyes was officially a trend.

However, the red eyeshadow trend is anything but easy to pull off. If not applied properly, red eyeshadow can make your eyes look tired or sick (conjunctivitis-chic, anyone?). If applied incorrectly, it can even make under-eye circles appear darker and accentuate any redness on your face. This list covers the best red eyeshadow tips from professional makeup artists and Instagram amateurs alike to set you up for red shadow success.

Wondering how to wear red eyeshadow? Let these expert red eyeshadow looks be your inspiration!

  • Before You Attempt Red Shadow, Color-Correct Your Face First

    The look is having a moment right now, but red eyeshadow has a lot of potential to go really, really wrong. Apply a color-correcting primer to your face and under your eyes first - this will help balance out any red patches on your skin and mask dark circles, as red eyeshadow has a tendency to enhance both. L'Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Anti-Redness Correcting Primer will reduce any redness on your face, and Stila's One Step Correct will even skin tone and brighten in one step. Slather some on and voila! You're ready for red eyeshadow.

  • Find The Right Shade Of Red Shadow For Your Skin Tone


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    This look is hard to pull off in the first place, so set yourself up for success by taking the time to find the right shade of red eyeshadow for your skin tone. Fair skin looks best in pinkish-red shades; medium skin tones will look great with warm, "terracotta" reds; and rich burgundy tones will pop against dark skin. 

    If you're still having a tough time choosing, grab a red shadow with purple undertones - the cool color will look good against almost any complexion!

  • Make Your Eye Color Pop With The Perfect Shade


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    If you pick the right shade, red eyeshadow can actually intensify your eye color and make your peepers pop! Here's what to look for based on your eye color.

    Blue: Contrast blue eyes with a shade of red with orange or copper undertones.

    Hazel: Play up the gold flecks in hazel eyes with a red shadow that has a slightly metallic finish.

    Brown: A raspberry shade of red will make brown eyes richer and deeper.

    Green: A cool red with purple undertones is best for green eyes.


  • Mix Red And Black For A Two-Tone Smokey Eye


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    Test out the red eyeshadow trend by mixing a dark burgundy shadow into your usual smokey eye routine. Concentrate a black or brown shadow on the lid, then blend a red shadow out from the crease. Finish off the look by lining your bottom lash line with a blend of both shades. Add a dot of pinkish-red shadow in the inner corners of eye each to brighten up the whole look.

  • Red Eyeliner Is A Sultry Option


    Swap out classic black liner for a burgundy version to give your eye makeup a simple, sultry upgrade. There's no need to go overboard with it, though. Opt for a light, neutral shadow all over the eye as a basic backdrop, then run a berry or burgundy liner from the middle of your lash line through the outer corner of your eye. Brush on a coat of black mascara for a bold finish.

  • Swipe Some Red Shadow Along Your Bottom Lashes For A Look That Pops


    Dip your toe in the red-shadowed waters with this trick: Create your usual smokey eye makeup on top and line your bottom lash line with a bright, poppy red for just a hint of color. Give it a go for your next party or date night!