Here's How Your Favorite Canceled TV Shows Were Really Supposed To End

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There is a risk every TV lover takes when letting a new show into their hearts, and that is the chance that they will be canceled after just one season or even worse... canceled before they have the opportunity to finish their respective stories, leaving intended finales for canceled shows collecting dust on a writer's hard drive.

Shows are canceled for a myriad of reasons - stars leave, ratings drop, and the like - and unfortunately, it means dedicated viewers will never get to find out how those canceled TV shows were supposed to end.

Fans of shows long gone may still be frustrated decades after the program was canceled. Fortunately, there are showrunners and creative executives who were equally disappointed over the cancellations, so they have decided to share with fans what would have happened in the TV finales you'll never see.

So without any further ado, here are some of the most notable TV shows that didn't get to live up to their full potential, and how the intended finales for those canceled shows would have brought the shows to their organic conclusions.