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17 Fan Theories For How 'Game Of Thrones' Will End

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After eight years, we finally got our conclusion to Game of Thrones. Fans bombarded the internet with last-minute Game of Thrones ending theories - and petitions to redo the negatively received Season 8. There were so many detailed pieces of speculation floating around on social media that no matter what happened in the Game of Thrones finale, there was a chance someone on the internet predicted it.

And as these theories prove, fans were right about many of the finale's twists and turns. Audiences correctly guessed that Daenerys Targaryen would perish before she had a chance to rule, that Jon Snow would end up back in the North, and that sweet Sam Tarly would write A Song of Ice and Fire. Which theories were you correct about?

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    Daenerys Was Always Doomed To Die

    True: Dany was killed by Jon Snow in the series finale. 

    After her late season turn to villainy, many viewers are expecting Daenerys Targaryen to die in the season finale of Game of Thrones—but a fan theory by Redditor /u/Try_Another_NO posits that Dany has been destined to perish ever since her visit to the House of the Undying.

    Daenerys’ vision-quest in Qarth showed her a few different portents of the future—including a walk through a ruined and ashen Red Keep that proved especially prophetic. The visions end with Daenerys reuniting with Khal Drogo and their child. which could be interpreted as the afterlife.

    This would mean Dany was prophesied to destroy King’s Landing and then die long before she ever set foot in Westeros. 


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    Sam Tarly Will Write The Song Of Ice And Fire

    Partially true: Sam Tarly presented the book in the series finale, which he helped title. 

    George RR Martin was heavily influenced by the writing of JRR Tolkien, and many fans have theorized that he will end his series in a similar way to Lord of the Rings—with a character writing down the story in a book. Most of those theories center around Samwell Tarly becoming the author in question, including one by Redditor /u/theblackdoncheadle.

    The basic idea is that Game of Thrones will end with a flashforward of an elderly Sam putting the final touches on A Song of Ice and Fire—presumably surrounded by Gilly and their children. A further fan theory by Redditor /u/AbogadoFriki posits that the future Sam will be portrayed by Martin himself in a series-ending meta-cameo.

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    Daenerys Will Try To Kill Jon But Accidentally Reveal His Targaryen Lineage

    This did not happen.

    After completing her arc from protagonist to outright villain, many are expecting further nefarious turns from Daenerys Targaryen, with one of the most prevalent theories being about some sort of attack against lover/nephew Jon Snow. While it wouldn’t be a major surprise if either of Daenerys or Jon were to kill the other, a fan theory by Redditor /u/ugabugabuga suggests there may be a different sort of resolution coming.

    Game of Thrones has clearly demonstrated that certain Targaryens, like Dany herself, are immune to the harmful effects of fire. The theory posits that Daenerys will try to publicly execute Jon via dragonfire, only to have him emerge unscathed—proving to all in attendance that he is a real Targaryen and the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. 

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    Jon Will Exile Himself To The Extreme North To Live With Ghost And Tormund

    Partially true: Jon Snow went to the North with Tormund and Ghost, but his fate was agreed upon by the Lords and Ladies of Westeros. 

    Fans have long known that A Song of Ice and Fire will end in a bittersweet fashion, which suggests that few—if any—of the series’ protagonists will receive a happy ending. The ever-brooding Jon Snow seems like as good a candidate as any to receive a miserable conclusion, and Redditor /u/lecompositor thinks they’ve come up with the details.

    After being drawn into conflict with—and perhaps being forced to kill—Daenerys Targaryen, it is likely that Jon will be offered the Iron Throne. However, his entire personal arc is one of being reluctant to take on leadership role, so it’s entirely possible he eschews the throne for a self-imposed exile to the extreme north, where he can firmly escape the conflicts of the Seven Kingdoms. If he does, at least he’ll have company.

    After her defeat and an ‘I told you so’ from his sisters, Jon tells them farewell, because seeing his own Northmen heartlessly massacre innocents makes him want nothing to do with any part south of the wall… and he leaves for the north to live the rest of his days with Ghost and Tormund.


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