Weird History

How The Worst Periods In Human History Got Better

Humanity has lived through some horrific periods in history, including natural disasters, plagues, and man-made crises. Plagues have threatened to wipe out civilization more than once, while famine, floods, and fires have brought devastation and destruction. Wars, depressions, and atomic weapons have also contributed to the darkest times in human history. 

How did the world recover from calamities like the Black Death, the Great Depression, and the Spanish flu? Sometimes it takes years or decades to bounce back after a crisis. Consider the worst year in human history. Millions succumbed to plague and famine, but society eventually bounced back and even found a silver lining in the crisis. The same can be said of the recovery from the general crisis in the 17th century, which gave society new ways to end wars. 

Looking how people recovered from the worst periods in history reveals the importance of perseverance and innovation in the face of devastation.