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18 Ways World War I Directly Shaped the Way We Live Now

Updated 24 Feb 2020 34.5k views18 items


Also known as the Great War, World War I was a horrific world conflict that lasted for roughly four years (1914-1918). You know a bit about WWI from history class: the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, "the War to End All Wars," Allied powers vs. Central powers, trench warfare, Europe forever changed, millions upon millions of lives lost. But do you really know how World War I changed the world?

The impacts of World War I on the world are far-reaching and immeasurable. This list merely covers some of the most significant and obvious ways that it changed the world. First and foremost, it changed warfare forever, and along the way, ushered in countless technological advances we still use today. It was an event that straddled times of great advancement, something that was documented both with modern film photography and traditional paintings. Some of these things - like more effective sanitary napkins - were destined to be developed anyway, but one of the ways WWI changed the world was by greatly hastening these developments: Necessity is, as they say, the mother of invention. Read on to learn how World War 1 shaped the modern world.


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