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How WWII Is Taught In Various Countries

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It's not surprising that WWII, as a global conflict, is taught differently in different countries. Each nation's education system tends to view the conflict in the context of its own backyard, or in the places where its own soldiers were placed in harm's way. Moreover, nations that history has deemed the "villains" of the conflict (primarily Germany, Italy, and Japan) must reckon with the history in a different way from those who view their part in the struggle as a source of great pride (particularly the US, the UK, and Russia).

Even more complex is the situation of countries like France or Hungary, which were under varying degrees of duress and made devil's bargains with the Axis powers. In some cases, the way WWII is taught remains fraught with controversy, and raises questions of the extent to which various nations have come to terms with past actions.

Here's a quick, informal survey of how WWII is taught in classrooms around the world, based on responses from Redditors from various countries.