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How You Break Up With People According To Your Zodiac Sign

Updated October 25, 2019 6.3k views12 items

Deciding how to end a relationship is no easy task, but there are probably some breakup tactics that feel more natural than others. Maybe you prefer ghosting, or a long heart-to-heart in the hopes of remaining friends. Why is it easier to break up one way and not the other? The answer could be in the stars.

How does each zodiac sign break up? Are Leos as performative with breakups as they are in real life? Do all Water signs feel breakups the deepest? These astrology breakup styles might come in handy when you know it's time to end things. 

  • You tend to be impulsive, Aries. This means that if you and your beau happen to be in a massive fight, you might just end things right then and there. You probably did it with a lot of pizzazz, too, you hot-headed Ram. 

    Since you can be quick to pull the breakup trigger, your breakups are often temporary. Once you cool down from whatever triggered the decision, you might regret your choice. 

  • You are all about stability, routine, and your home. When you decide to pull the plug on your relationship, you've thought about it long and hard. After all, one of the best creature comforts is having someone to wake up next to. 

    So once you finally do end things, it's for real. There is no on-and-off again for you, Taurus. You gave it your all and you are ready to move on. 

  • You tend to put your soon-to-be-exes through the ringer, Gemini. If you're considering a break from your significant other, chances are you've gone back and forth with the decision - and likely caused your partner confusion in the process.

    However, once you finally do decide to end things... you chicken out. Instead of delivering one of the many speeches you wrote in your head, you annoy your beau until they break up with you. You'll purposefully miss important events, phub your partner, and do everything that makes their skin crawl. Once it's all said and done, your ex probably doesn't think too highly of you. 

  • Breaking up always tends to feel difficult for you, Cancer. It takes the right person (and a lot of patience) to break your shell, so once someone is in your life, it's hard to imagine them not being a part of it. 

    So when you break up with someone, you have to explain to your now-ex that you truly did everything you could to make it work. If they didn't hurt you too badly, you may even try to be friends - even if that's not the best idea for the other person.