How You’re Making Social Situations Weird, According To Your Zodiac

Socializing can be both fun and fulfilling. Even with a healthy dose of introversion and the added difficulties of navigating the plethora of social norms, we are pack animals at heart and find comfort in groups, big or small. There are some things, however, that can transform any delightful exchange into a painfully awkward one.

Each sign of the zodiac has their own social pitfalls, but luckily, they're mostly avoidable as long as you're aware of them. 

  • The baby of the zodiac, Aries is full of spirit and confidence. Their fire and passion can make them exceptional conversationalists, especially if they happen to be storytellers - Aries frequently find themselves in interesting situations that can turn into remarkable tales.

    Unfortunately, Aries can change topics in a flash and dig their heels into their preferred subjects of discussion. This show of dominance in casual conversation can make interactions very awkward, especially if they begin interrupting people to change the subject.

  • Tauruses can be a joy at social functions or at work. Not only are they down to Earth and personable, but they are also very supportive of their friends. On occasion, however, this supportive nature can manifest as overprotectiveness.

    In the words of The Breakfast Club's Principal Vernon: “Mess with the bull, you get the horns.” While Tauruses mean well, their overly protective nature can make situations awkward, especially if their friend is trying to flirt with someone.

  • Geminis are known as social butterflies. They love parties and a good crowd, and they can enrapture those around them with their quick but potent anecdotes. At some point, though, there might be a whirlwind of confusion if a Gemini starts to contradict themselves.

    At one party, they'll treat you like their best friend in the world. The next weekend, however, they'll act like you’re merely acquaintances, which can get pretty uncomfortable. Just know that it’s not you - the Gemini isn't phony, you just have to know which Twin you’re talking to.

  • The intuitive and open Cancer can usually read people pretty well and know within moments whether or not they’re going to get along with someone. Since Cancers are also prone to stay in their shells in larger social situations, finding someone they connect with can be a miracle.

    Unfortunately, this also means that the shy Crab may latch on and not let go, sticking to new friends like glue, which can come off as weirdly needy. Even if it’s not awkward for the new friend, this new dynamic partnership could create an awkward situation for those around them. This is all assuming their new companion is a human rather than a more agreeable four-legged friend.

  • Beautiful and vibrant Leos can bring life to any social scene. They're often extremely charismatic and can really draw people in. Despite all this charm, Leos can really make things awkward if they don’t keep their egos in check.

    If a Leo begins fishing for validation or keeps steering the conversation back towards themselves, the conversation can quickly become off-putting.

  • Nurturing Virgo may not seem the type to spread rumors, even if they can get a little critical from time to time. Seemingly out of nowhere, though, the humble and loving Virgo can switch into a nitpicking, critical gossip.

    Suddenly, they’re involved in other people’s drama and have plenty to say about it. Even if they exit gossip mode, Virgos can get stuck in a loop of negativity thanks to their critical sensibilities, which can really clash with those around them.