How You Manipulate People, According To Your Zodiac

Everyone has the capacity to be manipulative whether they know it or not. Some do it intentionally to control the people around them, but oftentimes it happens unwittingly based on intrinsic personality traits in people. They’re not trying to manipulate people, but these personality aspects end up bending the will of others to their own needs or feelings. People who intentionally manipulate usually have a full arsenal of techniques to use, but personality types and zodiac signs usually have just one or two (looking at you ascendant and moon signs) golden standards that come out when the going gets tough.

  • Oh Aries, your strong ram-like presence and temper just get the better of you every time. Even when you’re not blowing your top, your aggressive energy and that fire in your eyes comes through - and well, people feel pretty intimidated.

    If they’ve dealt with you before, they know that letting you have your way is the best way to avoid you losing your cool, so when they sense you digging your heels in and getting testy, they may just step aside and let you have your way.

  • Grand temptation-wielder Taurus - you definitely know how to make people feel comfortable and set up a chill atmosphere.

    Friends wanna go out but you wanna stay in? No problem, just lure them over like Dionysus to your super chill and fun pad. Your fam wants to eat somewhere you’re not too keen on? No worries, Bull! You know how to entice them over to your idea with promises of delicious delights. Maybe that means getting carry-out for your comfort den - you might even offer to pick up the whole tab!

  • It’s hard to keep your story straight when you’ve got a set of Twins living in your head. That’s why people have most likely learned to limit their expectations of your word, Gemini. It can almost feel like being gaslit (a prime manipulation tactic of all shades) even though that’s certainly not the intent.

    However, when you tell someone you’re absolutely doing something one day, and then they can’t get ahold of you for a week, and then you refuse to do the thing and maybe insist you never agreed to it in the first place, well, it gets people questioning if you’re crazy or if it’s them. Eventually, folks will just realize it's best to see where the Twins land closer to the date, because everything you say is fully malleable.

  • You Crabs are often accused of intentionally manipulating with crocodile tears and pity parties, but the reality is that you are just that sensitive. Sure there are some very unevolved monster Crabs that pull those shenanigans, but it’s not the norm. Crying really is more the territory of Pisces, though, but you Cancers are very adept at guilt. It’s not your fault though - your deeply sensitive nature means you can get hurt fairly easily when those around you are careless.

    Whether you react with tears or anger, those claws rip people down to the marrow. Some are willing to turn the whole world upside down to assuage their guilt if it will make you happy, but Cancers who recognize what just happened will then also feel guilty - but at that point, it’s too late.

  • In what can look very much like narcissism, you can tend to have a bit of a honing mechanism toward yourself, Leo. While you do have a deep need to have your mane stroked and be validated, it’s often just that you are better at relating others' experiences through your own lens.

    So when your friend is talking about their exciting new promotion and you quickly brush past an excited “congrats” to go on to talk about that one promotion you got five years ago and how awesome that felt, it manipulates the focus onto yourself.

  • Perfectionist, highly observant Virgo, you are the master of getting things done right. Unfortunately, this ability to spot flaws can come off as a little controlling if you’re not ultra-careful with your tone. As a Virgo, you can spot details no one else notices with scary accuracy from a mile away. Even if you try to keep your opinions to yourself, it won’t stop others from asking.

    Maybe wearing red really brings out the ruddy tones in their skin; maybe when they cleaned the house, they didn’t wipe down the tops of the cabinets; or maybe wearing their hair like that makes their nose look far more prominent. Virgo, you’re gonna notice, and we know you’re just trying to help.