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What You Blow Your Money On, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Updated November 15, 2019 21.8k views12 items

Is there any subject as touchy as money? Everyone has different ideas about how it should be allocated, what you should spend it on, and how you should save it. If you don't understand a friend or partner's ideas about money, maybe taking a look at their zodiac sign can give you some insight. 

The connection between zodiac signs and money might explain why your friends make seemingly contradictory financial decisions: Did your Aries friend buy the newest Fitbit, even though they said they couldn't afford to grab dinner? Or are you a Libra who can justify triple-digit concert tickets, even though you're eating ramen every night? Here's what each zodiac sign blows their money on - because hey, you can't take it with you.

  • Aries likes to be seen as confident and competent in everything they do. The idea of coming off as weak in any capacity is simply not an option for Aries - especially when it comes to physical strength. 

    Not all Rams are necessarily bodybuilders or gym rats, but as a Fire sign, Aries needs to burn off energy in order to stay sane. Ariens typically don't bat an eye when it comes to expensive personal trainers, indoor rock climbing, luxe cycling club memberships, or the latest in protein powder technology. After all, we only get one body, and Ariens don't see anything wrong with investing in its care.

  • As an Earth sign, there is nothing more pleasurable to Taurus than good company, fine food, and the great outdoors. After all, what could be better than combining all of Earth's material delights while basking in the sun?

    While Taureans value security and often choose to save their money, it's the siren call of Mother Nature that gets the Bull to part with their hard-earned cash the most often. And Taureans have no qualms about broadening the definition of "outdoor equipment." Picnic baskets (and their contents) fall under this umbrella, as do high-end sunglasses, the latest limited-edition sneaker drop, and a Fitbit. If you're going to take in all of Earth's splendors, you figure you might as well do it right.

  • If the social media age has treated anyone well, it's the celestial Twins. Geminis love to communicate across platforms, and their attention often shifts drastically between myriad topics and interests. Any time a new social media platform pops up, Geminis are among the first to join. 

    In order to keep up with the latest trends, Gemini always has the latest tech, no matter the cost. Sure, it might not be cost-effective to have four different gaming systems, but it allows Gemini to reach a broader audience across all streaming platforms. No matter the niche, Gemini is sure to have the latest in gear and gadgets, even if it puts them in the hole for a while.

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    There are few things that will pull Cancer out of their comfortable shell, but excellent food is certainly one of them. Cancers tend to be homebodies who enjoy cooking, baking, and nurturing those they value most. But sometimes, someone needs to take care of you, Moonchild, and this is where Michelin-starred restaurants come into play. 

    Even though some of these fancy meals might cost more than one traditionally spends on groceries in a month, Cancer has no problem dropping some serious dime to eat at that highly exclusive restaurant. Enjoying gourmet food with a loved one is decadence in a shell for this Water sign.