How Different Zodiac Signs Act When They're In Love

Everyone expresses their feelings differently, particularly when they're in love or involved in a romantic relationship. That's why it can be so hard to figure out whether someone has a crush on you. But you may be able to use astrology to discern if the object of your affection is feeling the love right back. You can glean a lot from how each zodiac sign expresses love, and you may even be able to even use astrology to find out how good your potential paramour is in bed, how great they are at making out, or if you're even compatible beyond the physical realm.

Maybe you're already in a relationship and want to know if your partner is coming close to saying "I love you." Perhaps you've been lusting over a friend, and you want to see if they reciprocate your attraction. Whatever the case may be, you'll learn a lot by brushing up on how different zodiac signs act when they're in love. Once you know the basics, find more love advice in The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, which looks at the emotional needs and inner life of an individual by examining its history and mythology of their sign.