How Different Zodiac Signs React When They're Mad

We all have that thing that makes us angry, whether it be an unreliable coworker or being stuck in traffic. We all tend to handle our anger in different ways, too, and what your zodiac sign reveals about your temper may give you a little more insight as to why you react in stressful situations they way you do. 

How zodiac signs react when they’re mad is often reflective of the less-than-savory traits and secrets associated with each sign. For example, Fire signs like Aries or Leos can be hot-headed and have a propensity to have dramatic scorching meltdowns. Air signs may act a little more aloof and pretend whatever is ticking them off simply doesn’t exist. Anger, like fear, is a complex but necessary emotion, and learning how astrological signs get angry can help you understand how to interpret and handle it. Dive even deeper into the complexities of your sign and its place in the world with Astrology: Using the Wisdom of the Stars in Your Everyday Life.

Photo: The Great Gatsby/Warner Bros.