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The Scariest Depictions Of Zombies And Undead Ghouls In Movies And TV

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In popular culture, zombies are everywhere, but that doesn’t mean that all living dead are created equal. In fact, there are myriad types of zombies. The craze started with the Bela Lugosi (he wasn’t just Dracula) movie White Zombie in 1932, a film rooted in Haitian zombie folklore. However, most zombies in movies and zombies on TV use the conventions from George A. Romero’s black and white 1968 cult classic Night of the Living Dead. But not all zombies feed on their victims, and some can even run really, horrifyingly fast. There are all types of zombies on movies and TV.

There are many differences between types of zombies. Some are victims of a voodoo curse, others are the result of a rapidly spreading virus, and some are just victims of the standard zombie bite. Zombies can trudge around slowly and lack the ability to reason or think, or they can move faster than the blink of an eye and can adequately use a weapon or open a door.

And even though we traditionally think of the walking dead as mindless creatures who desire nothing more than to feed on brains, many of the films here are rich with metaphor and contain symbolic meaning of zombies. For example, Night of the Living Dead is just as much a critique on America’s involvement in the Vietnam War as it is about scary monsters.  

Let's learn, then, about all the different kinds of zombies.