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15 Horror Stories From People Who Realized That Their HR Department Was Slightly Evil

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Over on Reddit, people are sharing their awful experiences with their Human Resources departments. From power trips to discovering that deepest, darkest secrets were shared over coffee breaks, here are a few of the terrible stories that made people realize that HR was not a friend. 

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    ...Then The Head Of HR Was Asked To Resign

    Posted by u/echnos:

    One of our departments shut down at noon thanks to a HVAC issue (Building management needed to move cubicles and pull out a chunk of drop ceiling) so the manager took them all out to the bar for a "team building exercise."

    Everyone in the department arrived the next morning to a "Final notice in lieu of termination" on their desk that cited "Drinking on the job and time theft." The manager had an extra-special third for improper use of a company credit card.

    None of what they'd done was against company policy, so the manager's boss (a vice president) called HR and told them to back whatever newbie had written them the hell off.

    HR instead forwarded over a brand-new policy manual and told the VP to make sure all the write-ups were signed and returned by the end of day.

    VP goes up the chain to his boss, the CEO.

    The CEO hadn't even seen it, let alone authorized it.

    HR doesn't want to back down, even when the CEO calls them. Sure, he hadn't authorized it, but he had asked them to consider revamping it back in March.

    This was the glorious revamp! They'd gone back to square one and completely rewritten it! It's full of best practices, industry standard rules, and easy to understand language!

    Oh, and they'd been enforcing it since May, so it would probably be best for him to just sign off on it and any concerns he found could be incorporated in a future revision.

    Yeah, no.

    The CEO didn't make it past the first page before finding a contract law violation. Page 3 had a federal labor law violation, page 4 would make the NLRB angry, and the section on PTO would get them sued six ways to Sunday.

    The head of HR was asked to resign. When she refused, she was fired.

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    'Once Another Girl Is Hired, He'll Leave You Alone...'

    Posted by u/qrtpns32:

    I worked in the bakery at a Fred Meyers for about 6 months when I was freshly 19. There was a 45 year old guy in meat/seafood who was super creepy to all of the women in my department. One woman who was previously in my department but was moved to another TO GET AWAY FROM HIM warned me about this man from Day 1.

    Somehow, any time I was on my break, he would "be on his break too" and he'd follow me into the break room and try to flirt with me the entire time. Not only did he follow me on my breaks and lunches, but if I had to walk to another part of the store to get anything he would run to catch up to me and walk with me, he followed me to my car a few times after I got off shift and the scariest time was when I was closing by myself and he came into the back of the bakery and kept following me around the long table, trying to grab me while telling me how much he liked me and how badly he wanted to be with me.

    I told him no and to leave me alone CONSTANTLY while managers just shrugged and said "that's just how he is." My boyfriend threatened him when he got off work one time. Hell, even my father came in and threatened him because NO ONE was doing ANYTHING.

    The final straw for me was one night when I was closing alone again he came into the back area and followed me into the freezer and tried to kiss me and he grabbed my [behind]. I pushed him and ran to the closing manager, who also functioned as HR. He said he'd "watch the store footage" and talk to me the next day.

    Next day comes and he pulls me into his office and says that he saw the video and saw this man stalking me inside and outside of work and that he "talked" to him about his behavior to which the man responded that it was just a "misunderstanding." I replied that this had been going on for months and I wasn't going to take it anymore and he had the NERVE to tell me that "He just does this to all the new girls. As soon as another girl gets hired, he'll leave me alone."

    I told him he was a bastard and quit on the spot.

    Turns out the creep was the brother of the stores owner who had been to jail in the past for sexual assault. 

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    Justice Served

    Posted by u/D14BL0:

    I went to HR to report that my team's manager was illegally shorting all of our paychecks. HR's response was to adopt a new, company-wide policy addressing the paycheck issue and back-paying most people for a certain amount, and also to frame me for work avoidance. HR and IT disabled part of my login account to a tool we used, and then fired me a few months later after failing to fix the problem and allowing me to actually do my job.

    They tried to deny my unemployment claim afterward. Told the unemployment rep that they "had logs" showing that I did something to break the tool I don't even have access to break in the first place. They also didn't think to disable my email access in a timely manner, so I was able to back up all my emails with IT documenting exactly what went down. Unemployment approved my claim and hit them with a major penalty to their insurance.

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    'Don't Worry, Everything Is Anonymous' = Lie

    Posted by u/SagaciousElan:

    HR hired consultants to run morale building employee input sessions. Basically saying "We're not from the company. You can tell us all the things you don't like about working here and would like to see changed and we'll put it all into a report for management. Don't worry, everything is anonymous, we just need material for our report and you guys get to have your say in improving things around here."

    Turns out HR and the consultants recorded all the sessions and played the highlights for management. People were disciplined for criticising the company or their immediate superiors and any shred of faith or trust in management that the employees may have had was instantly incinerated.

    Managers now complain that they don't know what's going on in their teams because nobody tells them anything.

    I wonder why.

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