People Who Work In Human Resources Share The Absolute Nightmare Situations They Had To Handle

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Over on Reddit, people who work in human resources are sharing stories of the absolute nightmare situations they've had to deal with. From horrifying jerks who have no concept of personal space to people who believe that work is the perfect place to find a mate, here are a few awful situations poor HR folks hate to handle.

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    A Man With A Plan - A Terrible Plan.

    From Redditor u/Phat3lvis:

    A guy I hired hurt himself on the first hour of the first day of work... He claimed he fell and hit his head on the wall. He was out for weeks on workman's comp [from] the concussion. Then when he came back on light duty, he could only do desk work but managed to fall again in the bathroom and hit his head again.

    It took me nine months to get rid of him. It turns out this was not his first rodeo... When I called his former employer, the lady I spoke to made an offhand comment about workplace accidents and head injuries and the importance of cameras in the workplace.

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    Worst. Boss. Ever.

    From Redditor u/Dr_Kintobor:

    My friend who worked in HR told me about her old job where the boss had drilled a hole from his office through to the ladies changing rooms and was perv...

    They found out because someone saw the light through the hole as he took the cover off for a peek. He denied everything and they had to take a DNA sample from the carpet under the hole, which confirmed it was him.

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    The Tale Of The Teller

    From Redditor u/Aeosculap:

    I was working as a manager in a small regional bank. My branch had six small colleges within a 30-minute drive. The company liked to hire college students to work as tellers, because they usually didn't want to work full-time (no benefits, therefore cheaper to employ), and with their somewhat random availability, it was easy to schedule even the unpopular shifts. All of the tellers in my branch are college students.

    I get a call from the regional HR manager; he is transferring a teller to my location from another branch (across town) who has been nothing but a headache. I am to document every single thing that this teller does wrong, no matter how minor the infraction. Apparently, she had ticked off all of her coworkers there by filing HR complaints against all of them. I'll call her TT (Transferred Teller) from here on.

    I was able to get more detail out of one [of] her managers. TT was a student at one of the local colleges, but her only hobbies were riding her horse and going to her church. The only things she ever wanted to talk about were her horse, her beliefs, and trying to convert coworkers to her religion. Talk about anything else and she'd find a way to connect the topic to violating her beliefs. Criticize her, or talk about something that she wouldn't do, and she'd file a harassment complaint.

    TT was transferred to my branch, and on her first day, she went off on another teller for talking about a date said teller's boyfriend had taken her on. The next day, she filed her first HR complaint, sexual harassment, against one of my staff for talking about using a certain famous dating app. Speaking to TT while taking the complaint, discovered she's very socially conservative.

    The employee handbook said, in summary, on the topic of sexual harassment, what counts depended on what offended the most easily offended person present, so watch your mouth and where you talked. I pulled each teller into a one-on-one meeting, walked them through the sections of the handbook on harassment, and warned them to be careful of what they discussed where. I did not call out TT, but everyone guessed who we were talking about. Word about her had made its way [through] the grapevine.

    Over the course of the next couple weeks, she filed a new complaint roughly every other day. All of the complaints were for coworkers talking about or doing normal things for 18 [to] 22-year-olds, such as: a coworker went to a party and had a one-night stand; saw a coworker hug her boyfriend when he brought her lunch; a coworker wore a blouse that showed a bit of cleavage; a coworker refused to get up early on Sunday to come to church with her.

    Morale was low, everyone [was] stressed coming in every day, most of the staff [was] refusing to talk to TT. I'm grumbling to HR Manager, who just answers everything with "document her infractions." So I'm writing up every minor mistake, categorizing them, and for each category, I think I have enough, composing a formal write-up and submitting it to HR for approval. I wish I could remember how many I wrote.

    Was sure we'd be stuck with TT for months before I had enough tardies or drawer errors for HR to be willing to fire her. But after about a month, she made the error we needed. There's a religious group that's well known in our state, and the group's HQ is in our city. The group's religious leader occasionally would come into my branch - for some reason he liked dropping off deposits and transfers himself. It didn't take much to get him preaching on a topic. Everyone would just smile and nod along while finishing his transaction. But TT couldn't do that. Apparently, her church takes some issue with what his church teaches.

    He came in to run a transaction. She called him next out of line. While running his transaction, she recognized the name of the church. They started talking, then arguing, then she was yelling at him. Unfortunately, I was in the back, so I missed this. Fortunately, I was in the bank, so it went on long enough that her customer took offense. She was dragged into the back to separate them. He filed a complaint, which I wrote up as an official customer complaint. Those get reviewed by a VP and the Operations Director, but I also CC'd [the] HR Manager. Religious harassment of a commercial customer with a few million on deposit was sufficient for HR to terminate her the next day.

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    A Woman Went To Great Lengths To Hide In Her Car

    From Redditor u/thot_sauce:

    I am on the HR team that supports a wide variety of US cities for our company, including our colorful Florida locations. This is the best story I heard.

    We had some woman trying to avoid doing work by sitting out in her car in the parking lot. While she was hiding out there, she needed to use the restroom. Well, instead of going back inside (or doing literally anything else), she decides to pee out her car window. Even though I am also a woman, I was impressed and disgusted by the physics behind this feat. She [...] stuck her bare butt outside the window and just went for it. Unbeknownst to her, her male coworker had arrived at work late due to an appointment. He drove past to find a parking spot as this was happening and got [a] full view. He then reported the incident to us.

    One of our HR people had to investigate this, and sure enough, parking lot cameras could corroborate his story. Our HR person confronted the woman. Her response: "Well, how did he know it was me? It could have been anyone."

    We thought, okay, fair enough. The cameras aren't CSI-grade zoom, so we only saw the a** part. It was harder to completely identify the face. So we went back to the male peer and asked how he knew it was her. His response? "Oh, it was definitely her. The tattoos are pretty recognizable."

    We definitely don't get paid enough for this.

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    Eye Bleach, Anyone?

    From Redditor u/Uranoscopy7:

    Came into work early for a morning shift (work in an industrial lab). Heard noises from the back corner of the office portion of the building but [couldn't] make out what they [were] because of distortion. [Headed] that way to see what was going on, as I was the only one there ([or] so I thought) at 3 am.

    See my lab manager f***ing the district manager (her boss) while the HR rep for the district is sitting there ... enjoying the view.

    I NOPED out and went to the lab and tried to forget what happened.

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    Sneezing Too Loud

    From Redditor u/danetrain05:

    I worked in HR, and my coworker hated me. She wanted someone else to get the job I did, and she would complain about me to management for anything.

    The final straw for everyone was when I sneezed and she slammed her keyboard on her desk, basically ran out of the room, and didn't come back for 30 minutes.

    Management called me in and said I was making too much noise. I told them I sneezed, and they said she would complain about me every day, so they didn't believe her but had to make it look like they were doing something.

    She left shortly after.

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