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Stephan Roget
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The concept of body image, and particularly the kinds of unrealistic body images often promoted in media, are a major issue in our society. Fictional characters can contribute to this problem, too, especially since their height and weight stats are completely made up.

Since the physical stats of fictional characters are entirely imaginary, the creators of said characters can make their creations weigh whatever they want. It’s easy to see how someone influenced by fictional character weights would have a poor idea of what a healthy person should look like.

The sheer amount of characters with highly unrealistic body weights is staggering. More often than not, they’re listed at a weight that is far, far lower than someone of their titanic size would naturally be. Weights of fictional characters are often surprising, but those listed here are truly shocking. 

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Photo: Pokemon/Nintendo

Onix is a fairly famous Pokemon, thanks to its spot in Brock’s usual rotation. It’s also a 28-foot long snake made entirely out of rocks. Almost all of Onix’s attributes come from its general rockiness, and yet somehow it only weighs 463 pounds. That's less than half the 1000-pound average weight of a real life American alligator.

Alligators, it should be noted, are not 28-feet long or made entirely of dense rocks. Either Onix is hollow, or somebody has been messing with the Pokédex, because this just doesn’t make any sense.

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Photo: Pokemon/ 4Kids Entertainment

It normally wouldn’t make sense to call a character who weighs 887 pounds “surprisingly light,” but it does in the case of Wailord. This oversized Pokemon is 47 feet long and a whale. They generally have a reputation of being pretty heavy.

Wailord is big enough that dozens of humans can, and do, ride it around the ocean, and yet it doesn’t even crack a ton. In fact, Wailord weighs less than an Arabian race horse (they're generally around 950 pounds). Wailord’s listed weight is one more reason to question the almighty Pokédex.

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Photo: Dragon Ball Z

The characters in Dragon Ball Z regularly engage in terrific feats of strength, including blowing up mountains and throwing Earth-shattering punches. No one in the DBZ universe is as strong as Goku, the main protagonist and all-around ass-kicking machine. Despite being the strongest there is, Goku apparently weighs in at only 137 pounds.

To be fair, this may be based on the real-life weight of Bruce Lee, but he wasn’t packing anywhere near the muscle mass that Goku is. The Saiyan who regularly fights intergalactic threats to the planet weighs about as much as the average high school freshman. We know the weight of Goku and other Z Fighters thanks to the calculations used when they train under increased gravity.

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Nobody should body-shame anyone, especially not an innocent Pokémon, but Blastoise would probably best be described as on the chunky side. The bulky turtle monster stands as tall as most humans, and comes equipped with a gigantic shell that conceals two massive metal water cannons.

In short, Blastoise is carrying around a lot of mass, but apparently it all adds up to only 188.5 pounds. This makes Blastoise even lighter than Charizard, and around the average weight of a human being of the same height. It sounds strange, but that’s what the Pokédex tells us. And its word is law.

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