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15 Mind-Shattering Video Game Plot Twists That Blew Our Minds

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What would a videogame story be without a couple of great twists? Surprise videogame endings are pretty much guaranteed to deliver memorable moments worth talking about for years to come, and the best videogame narratives provide huge plot twists and emotional endings

If you've been playing videogames long enough, you can probably name a few games with twists that changed the way you thought about everything. From BioShock's incredibly drawn-out motivational change-up, to the reveal of Samus Aran's sex in the final moments of Metroid, to the appearance of a surprise enemy in Halo: Combat Evolved, there are so many fantastic videogame plot twists to consider. 

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    BioShock has an absolutely mind-numbing twist that could only be pulled off by a videogame. The player controls the mysterious Jack,  a plane crash survivor who must venture through a terrifying underwater city overrun with lunatics. The city's leader is Andrew Ryan, who is fighting a bloody civil war against the enigmatic Atlas. Atlas directs Jack through many perilous situations, with the ultimate goal of taking Ryan down for good.

    Whenever Atlas requests something of Jack, he begins his sentence with the phrase "would you kindly." While at first, this pattern can easily go unnoticed, it is eventually revealed in a shocking twist that Jack has been brainwashed before the start of the game to comply with any instruction that begins with those words.

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  • Knights of the Old Republic is regarded by many as the greatest Star Wars story ever told, and for good reason. Throughout the adventure, the player hears stories of Darth Revan, the Jedi hero who traveled beyond known space, only to return with a mighty Sith invasion force, as well as Malak, his apprentice.

    Much of the story involves retracing Revan and Malak's steps in order to figure out why the Jedi turned to the dark side. What the player ultimately discovers is horrifying: you've been controlling Revan all along. His memory has been wiped by the Jedi, who are using him to reveal the secret behind the Sith's power. 

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  • Red Dead Redemption features one of the most tragic twists in videogame history. After plenty of trials and tribulations, former outlaw John Marston manages to take down every member of his old gang in order to save his wife and son from a corrupt Bureau of Investigation.

    Once the shooting and killing is done, Marston retires to his ranch to live a simpler life. Little does he know that the Bureau of Investigation plans to kill him once he's completed his mission. The player is forced to take on a line of heavily armed agents, a standoff that Marston has zero chance of surviving. 

    In an epilogue chapter, Marston's son Jack hunts down and kills the crooked agent that orchestrated the murder of his dad.

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    Silent Hill 2 is a horrifying trip through guilt, regret, pain, and suffering. At the center of the story is James Sunderland, who arrives in Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his dead wife saying that she's waiting in their "special place." What begins as a nightmarish mission to rescue his wife soon becomes a masochistic tale of redemption, as it's revealed late in the game that James killed his wife, and that the letter is actually a blank piece of paper.

    James has been driven mad by his guilt, and everything he experiences in Silent Hill is a physical manifestation of his repressed emotions. The whole thing makes you think a little differently about the hyper-sexualized monsters you've been killing...

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