Hugh Grant's Loves & Hookups

Who is Hugh Grant dating? Who Hugh Grant dated; list of Hugh Grant loves, ex girlfriends; breakup rumors. The loves and relationships of Hugh Grant, listed by most recent. Although Hugh Grant is part of celebrities who have been caught with ladies of the night and celebrity cheaters who downgraded, he has dated many A-list celebs, including Drew Barrymore. 

If you're wondering who Hugh Grant's wife is, stop - he never married! However, the Englishman did have a 13-year relationship with Elizabeth Hurley during the 90s. 

Hugh Grant currently has four children: two with Chinese receptionist Tinglan Hong and two with Swedish television producer Anna Eberstein. Fans keep wondering how old Hugh Grant is since he hasn't settled down, but can you blame the guy for doing so well at his age? 

Hugh Grant has a lot of famous exes and a few who are not so famous. This list contains information about Hugh Grant's loves, ex-girlfriends, romances, and flings. Which of Hugh Grant's exes do you think are the hottest? Check out this list below.

  • Anna Eberstein
    Photo: Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

    Anna Eberstein

    Hugh Grant and Anna Eberstein first crossed paths in 2011, but it wasn't until 2012 that their relationship took a romantic turn, giving birth to their first child in September of the same year. Over the years, the couple faced various ups and downs, including brief separations, before finally solidifying their union by tying the knot in May of 2018. Today, they share three children and remain steadfast in their commitment to one another.

    Anna Eberstein is a Swedish television producer and retail director, who gained prominence for her work on various international sports broadcasts. Though she has achieved success in her professional life, it's her long-standing relationship with Hugh Grant that has earned her significant recognition in the entertainment world. Together with Grant, Eberstein is raising a beautiful family and continuing to build her career in the media industry.

    • Age: 37
    • Birthplace: Sweden
  • Tinglan Hong

    In an unexpected turn, Hugh Grant became romantically entwined with Tinglan Hong in early 2011, after meeting her in a Chelsea wine bar. Their relationship, however, was short-lived, but not without consequence, as the pair welcomed a daughter in September of that same year. Although they rekindled their romance in 2012, resulting in the birth of their son, they ultimately decided to part ways, maintaining a friendly co-parenting relationship.

    Tinglan Hong, a Chinese national, worked as a receptionist before her whirlwind romance with Hugh Grant captured the public's attention. Despite the fleeting nature of their relationship, Hong and Grant remain connected through their two children. Choosing to stay out of the limelight, Hong now leads a relatively private life, focusing on raising her kids away from the spotlight.


  • In 2007, Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore's on-screen chemistry spilled into real-life when the two filmed Music and Lyrics. Their flirtation and close friendship sparked dating rumors, although neither confirmed nor denied the speculations at the time. While the duo never officially became a couple, their undeniable connection and shared experiences have kept them in each other's lives as friends.

    Drew Barrymore rose to fame early in life as a child actress and eventually became one of Hollywood's most iconic leading ladies. The actress is known for her roles in films such as E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Charlie's Angels, and 50 First Dates. In addition to acting, Drew has ventured into producing, directing, and even launched her own beauty brand, Flower Beauty, further solidifying her influence in the industry.

  • Jemima Khan

    Hugh Grant's romance with Jemima Khan made headlines in 2004 when the two began dating, after being introduced by mutual friends. Their relationship seemed promising, with Grant even considering proposing marriage. However, the couple ultimately decided to part ways amicably in 2007, with both continuing to speak fondly of each other in the years that followed.

    Jemima Khan, a British-Pakistani socialite, gained widespread recognition for her past marriage to cricket legend Imran Khan, who later became the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Apart from her high-profile relationships, Jemima is known for her philanthropic work, film production, and journalism contributions. Over the years, she has built a reputation for her unwavering commitment to various charitable causes and her insightful opinions on current affairs.

  • In the late '90s, Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock captured the hearts of fans worldwide with their on-screen romance in Two Weeks Notice. Rumors of a real-life love affair between the two spread like wildfire, especially after their playful banter and undeniable chemistry during promotion events. Despite the speculation, Grant and Bullock maintained that their relationship was strictly platonic and remain great friends to this day.

    Sandra Bullock, an Academy Award-winning actress, has enjoyed a long and illustrious career in Hollywood. With memorable roles in iconic films like Speed, The Blind Side, and Gravity, Bullock has consistently proven her talent and versatility. Her philanthropic efforts, down-to-earth persona, and impressive acting range have solidified her status as one of the industry's most beloved and respected stars.

  • Estella Marie Thompson
    Photo: Police Mugshot

    In 1995, Hugh Grant's relationship with Estella Marie Thompson, famously known as Divine Brown, forever changed his public image when the two were caught engaging in a lewd act. This scandalous encounter led to Grant's arrest, subsequent embarrassment, and a challenging period in his personal life. Despite the notoriety surrounding their encounter, both Grant and Thompson moved on with their lives following the incident.

    Estella Marie Thompson, or Divine Brown, garnered global attention after her scandalous liaison with Hugh Grant. As a former sex worker, Thompson capitalized on her newfound fame with various television appearances, interviews, and even a brief attempt at a music career. Eventually, she faded from the limelight, focusing on raising her family and pursuing a more private existence.

    • Age: 54
    • Birthplace: USA, California, San Francisco