35 Hugh Jackman Interview Moments That Make Our Love For Him Indestructible

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Whether it was a press moment alongside Zac Efron and Zendaya for The Greatest Showman, a red carpet moment for Les Misérables, or just any snippet from the nearly 20 years of X-Men press he did as Wolverine, it is safe to say that Hugh Jackman has been a hilarious yet wholesome treasure when it comes to interviews. Here are our favorite Hugh highlights below!

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  • 1. The Time Security Found Wolverine's Claws In His Luggage

  • 2. His Answer To Whether His Kids Think He's "Cool" Or Not

    His Answer To Whether His Kids Think He's "Cool" Or Not
    Photo: jdmorganz / Tumblr
  • 3. When He Jammed With Michael Fassbender To 'Africa' By Toto (And It Just Embarrassed James McAvoy)

  • 4. He's All For Kids From Wolverine And Storm