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20 Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Hugh Jackman

X-Men, Kate & Leopold, Van Helsing, Les Misérables: what do all these movies have in common? Hugh Jackman, of course. The charismatic Aussie won us over due to his acting chops, charm, and sublime voice. With an impressive filmography and several awards under his belt, the X-Men hunk became one of the most recognizable actors working today, while also adding a few producer stints to his resume.

Curious to learn more about Hugh Jackman’s biography? The Australian actor was born in 1968 and earned international recognition portraying Wolverine in the X-Men film series. He’s also a producer and musician. His role in Les Misérables got him his first Academy Award nomination for Best Actor and his first Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. He also won a Tony for his work on Broadway and an Emmy for hosting the Tony Awards. Not too shabby. 

However, there is much more to Jackman than meets the eye. For instance, did you know he had anger issues as a child? Or that he almost portrayed James Bond in Casino Royale? We’ve gathered a few Hugh Jackman facts that give you a glimpse at what’s hiding behind Wolverine’s tough exterior. Read on. 
  • He Used to Work as a Professional Clown

    Damning proof I used to do clowning.

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    Before he was famous, Jackman worked as a gas station attendant and a birthday party clown. “I was Coco the Clown and I had no magic tricks and I remember a six-year-old standing up at a party saying 'Mummy this clown is terrible, he doesn't know any tricks' - and he was right,” he reminisced.  
  • He Never Watched SNL Before Hosting

    Jackman wasn’t familiar with Saturday Night Live before being invited to host, back in 2001. The producers sent him tapes of the show so that he could have an idea about it before showing up to work. 
  • He Accidentally Broke an Extra’s Hand

    While filming Van Helsing, Jackman accidentally broke an extra’s hand. “I was getting lifted and propelled and couldn't stop. I put my hand out and felt this guy crumple in front of me. I found out later he'd been running away. He thought I was going to fire him - for getting in the star's way,” he said about the incident. 
  • He Participated in an Actual WWE Match

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    Back in 2011, when he was promoting his action movie Real Steel, Jackman was at a WWE match where he punched wrestler Dolph Ziggler.