11 Hulk Comic Moments That Were Way More Destructive Than the Movie Scenes

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If there’s one thing that the Marvel Cinematic Universe wants audiences to know about the Hulk, it’s that he’s just a sensitive guy who caught a rough science break. That’s why Hulk comics compared to movies are completely different. Hulk’s comic book iterations stopped worrying about what people thought about Bruce Banner a long time ago and made a beeline for destruction.

Some of the brutal moments in Hulk comics never made it into movies - often because they showed him getting beaten down and where's the fun (and box office money) in watching the Hulk get smashed? He's supposed to do the smashing. 

In every Marvel movie featuring the Hulk, directors try to give a nod to the times when the Hulk was more brutal in comics than movies, but they never pull the trigger on letting the green guy go really nuts. Sure, he can fight a small army, but can he punch a guy’s head into liquid? Or clap his hands so hard that he destroys everything in a three-mile radius? He can in the comics, so why shouldn’t he do it in the movies? Keep reading below to see times when the Hulk did way more damage on a comic book page than a movie screen.