The Best Hulu Documentaries Of 2022

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What are the best Hulu documentaries of 2022? Over the years, numerous innovative and informative Hulu documentary movies have left viewers captivated and entertainted. The best Hulu documentaries feature topics like true crime, social issues, iconic historical figures, and politics. 2022 is no different. So, what is the best Hulu documentary film from 2022? What Hulu docs should you press play on in 2022?

You'll see the world in a whole new way with these 2022 Hulu documentary films. So far in 2022, Hulu has only released a couple docs. One is a true crime story, Dead Asleep, about a sleep walking murderer. Then there's Pharma Bro, a profile on the notorious American extortionist Martin Shkreli.

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