23 Animals That Forgot They Aren't Humans

These funny animal pics of cool creatures and awesome animals acting like humans are the only proof you'll ever need that the Internet gods love us and want us to be happy. Plus, unlike with Karma, or that jerk Santa Claus, you don't have to behave to receive these wonderful Internet gifts. A funny animal picture is always just a click away, showcasing the many oddly human talents of countless members of the animal kingdom.

From fast-food junkie dogs to existential frogs and birds who can skateboard, animals everywhere are giving the human race a run for its money and we have the gifs and pictures to prove it. Anthropomorphism isn't limited to fables anymore - it's now become the benevolent ruler of the Internet. We couldn't have asked for a better overlord than that.

If are you into funny animal pictures and animals acting like humans, you are in the right place. If not, odds are you sold your soul a long time ago, but might enjoy a gif of a giraffe riding a motorcycle anyway. So check out these hilarious gifs of animals doing human things and photos of silly animals pretending they are people and upvote the animals that are nailing the human condition the best.

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    What Are You Doing Out of Your Crib, Baby Bird!?

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    Hold on Hold on Hold on Hold on... Okay, Tell Me

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    Gypsy Level: Expert

    168 votes
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    Dinner Etiquette Was Never Larry’s Strong Suit

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    Hush Little Baby, Don’t Say a Word, Mama’s Gonna Catch You a Mockingbird

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    Double Dutch, Doggy Style

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