Weird Nature Australia Debuts "Human Cage" To Interact With Lions, And It's Pretty Freakin' Scary  

Rebecca High

A zoo in Australia is creating a "reverse-zoo" effect by putting human visitors inside cages to view the lions, as this video shows.

Inside a wire cage with plexiglass viewing windows, visitors get up close and personal with lions while still staying safe in their secured space.

The cage is then moved into the lions' enclosure, where they jump on the humans' cage or paw at the windows while zoo-goers snap the most intimate photos of wildlife that a simple smart phone has ever seen.

The new reverse-zoo idea isn't without controversy, of course. Is the human cage viewing station a way of redeeming captivity for animals by making it a more even playing field, or is it just plain risky for everyone involved? Watch the video and decide for yourself.