Weird Nature You Could Be Your Own Twin Due To A Rare Condition Called Chimerism  

Mick Jacobs

Imagine living with two different sets of genes. Sounds like a living nightmare, or at the very least a living anomaly, but this happens to be the reality for people living with chimerism. The video below delves into what happens when a person has two sets of chromosomes.

In order for a person to be diagnosed with chimerism, they needed to start out their biological process as a set of twins in the womb. Should one of the twins die and the other absorbs its DNA, the remaining twin becomes a chimera.

This means the person lives their lives with two completely different sets of DNA. Because of this, procedures such as organ transplants and paternity tests automatically become extremely difficult.

It might be extremely rare, but chimerism can pose quite the challenge to unsuspecting patients. Check out the video below to see how chimerism affects the human body.