In The Last Decade, 13 Human Feet Have Washed Up On The Shores Of The Pacific Northwest

There are 7.6 billion people on the face of the Earth. We’re everywhere, so it shouldn't be any surprise when a few of us turn up dead in unexpected places. Even our body parts turn up in unlikely and weird spots. A good amount of  human body parts have been found along the shores of the Pacific Northwest. More specifically, 13 human feet have washed ashore in British Columbia over the course of a decade, starting in 2007, and authorities are pretty much unsurprised by it all.

You’d think that they’d have a bit more sympathy for all of the people who have either lost their lives or their appendages. While they're definitely concerned, most of the feet that have been investigated have been found to be from suicides. Still, why is it only feet washing ashore, specifically on the beaches of British Columbia?

  • All 13 Feet Washed Up Within A Decade

    All 13 Feet Washed Up Within A Decade
    Photo: Colin-47 / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    All 13 of the feet that have washed up to shore were located in an area called the Salish Sea, and it borders both Seattle, Washington, and Vancouver, British Columbia. It is on Jedediah Island, Canada, that the first foot was found, back on August 20th, 2007. The shoe is a size 12, men's, and belonged to a man suffering from depression

  • Police Believe Most Feet Belong To Those Who Committed Suicide

    Luckily, modern forensic science can be incredibly accurate. Through the use of DNA testing on the feet, police were able to determine who their owners were. In addition to that, almost all of the feet have been found to be disarticulated rather than severed. It's an important distinction, as body parts that are disarticulated are separated through normal decay - a process made easy underwater. According to forensic experts, hands and feet are usually the first appendages to become disarticulated. Thanks to their tireless work, the police were able to contact next-of-kin or others close to the deceased, and were able to determine the main reason for their deaths. Most of those identified suffered from depression, and ultimately committed suicide in the Salish Sea.

  • It’s Theorized That A Serial Killer Is At Work

    It’s Theorized That A Serial Killer Is At Work
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    For some reason, we love a good serial killer story; they're fascinating and terrifying at the same time. Combined with the fact that the Pacific Northwest is historically filled with the most serial killers in modern history, the reason for the disembodied feet somehow feels completely obvious - someone is out there tearing people apart. In particular, a serial killer named Robert Pickton, who fed prostitutes to his pigs, is a prime suspect when it comes to all of the detached feet. Canadian police found his victims' severed feet, heads, and hands around his farm. There are certainly a few who believe that some of the feet came from his farm.

  • Canadian Authorities Never Rule Out Foul Play

    Canadian Authorities Never Rule Out Foul Play
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    Although they've noted that 8 out of the 13 feet they've found have been ruled as suicides or accidental, they open every dismembered foot case as a criminal case. Many people believe that some - or even all - of these feet arrived from further inland, by way of river. Some folks won't let go of the fact that the Pacific Northwest is notorious for having the most serial killers per capita in the world and want to credit the lone feet to serial killers, despite forensic evidence.

  • Potentially Hundreds More Feet Are On The Way

    Reporter Jake Ellison notes that "There are likely hundreds of dead human bodies in the waters of the Northwest at any given time." There are a couple thousand missing persons in that region of British Columbia, and more go missing daily. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to assume that there are that many more feet in shoes waiting to be washed ashore. 

  • People Believe Some Feet Could Be From A 2004 Tsunami

    Many theories about the origins of the feet swim around - despite many of them being ruled as suicides or accidents. Many think it's the work of a serial killer, or that some of the feet could be from victims of a seaplane crash. There's a great theory that the feet come from victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami that occurred in 2004. That tsunami was one of the world's most devastating natural disasters; it holds a death toll of 227,898 and caused $10 billion in damages. The reason why some believe this is the origin of many of the feet is because a good portion of the shoes were manufactured prior to 2004.