15 Things You Didn't Know About Your Own Mouth

You use your mouth every day, but have you ever wondered what's really going on in there? You actually have a pretty fascinating ecosystem at work between your jaws. This list is full of things you didn't know about your mouth.

After you read these mouth facts, take a little time to be thankful for your mouth and everything in it, from your tongue to your, your uvula, and even your saliva. After all, your mouth is essential in order for you to do all the things you love, like eating, talking, singing, and kissing. A healthy mouth is a happy mouth, so remember to see your dentist, too.

  • Men's Tongues Are Longer Than Women's

    Miley Cyrus's tongue may be an exception to this trend, but in general, men have longer tongues than women. The world record for the longest tongue is 3.97 inches, while the world record for the longest female tongue is only 2.76 inches.
  • The Uvula's Main Function Is in Speech

    The purpose of the uvula has been debated, but most scientists agree that it's there to help with speech, which makes sense, because it's a body part which is completely unique to humans. The uvula can secrete massive amounts of saliva quickly. This provides the necessary lubrication to make complicated sounds that compose human speech.
  • Women's Tongues Have More Tastebuds Than Men's

    Researchers at Yale found that about 35% of women but only 15% of men are "super tasters," meaning they are more sensitive to flavors such as bitter, sweet, and sour. It is also worth noting that women of childbearing age have a more acute sense of taste than women who are younger or older.
  • Saliva Is Necessary for Tasting

    You need saliva in order to taste because your saliva is what breaks down your food into the compounds which your taste bud receptors can detect. Without saliva, your food would have no taste.
  • Your Tongue Imprint Is as Unique as Your Fingerprint

    No two people's tongues are exactly alike. People could be identified by their tongue prints just like they can be identified by their fingerprints, but people tend not to go leaving their tongue prints around, so this probably won't become common practice in police investigations any time soon.
  • There Are More Bacteria in Your Mouth Than There Are People On Earth

    If you thought the world's population was getting overwhelming, consider the population of your mouth. About 20 billion microbes have taken up residence there. They don't mind that it's so cramped, though. It's the perfect environment for them and they're an essential part of your microbiome.