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38 Incredible Drawings of Pokemon Re-Imagined as Humans

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Some really fantastic artists have made gorgeous art of Pokemon as people. One especially excellent example is the artist known only as Tamtamdi, a true master of anthropomorphized Pokemon. In addition to a smattering of other original art, this list includes a selection of Tamtamdi's unique Pokemon-human mashup art, and you can find a whole lot more on Tumblr, DeviantArt, and even Facebook.

Drawing Pokemon as people has been a quiet craze for years. They're called gijinkas (Japanese for personification) and these Pokepeople run the gamut from pretty darn cool to pretty darn cute. Like the pop cultural phenomenon in which you have to catch them all, these bits of Pokemon fan art showed up back in the day and have been popping up online ever since.

  • Photo: Tamtamdi
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  • Photo: Tamtamdi
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    Photo: Tamtamdi
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  • Photo: Tamtamdi
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