Graveyard Shift

13 Times Human Remains Were Found By Hikers

It seems like one of the most permanent fixtures of local news are stories about hikers finding mutilated bodies, or even entire skeletons while out in the woods. Even though stories of skulls found in the grass, mere feet away from a trail, are a dime a dozen, a typical hiker probably hasn't come across any human remains. Those hikers who found dead bodies, and made their way onto this list, didn’t just come across a femur; some of the bodies that they found were one fire, while others were still clinging to their last moments, trying to escape the cruel hand of death. Take a look at these stories of human remains found by hikers and remember to bring a camera with you the next time you go on a hike.

Obviously it’s terrible that anyone has to die, but an oddly large amount of people seem to do it in national parks or near historical monuments. Judging from the places on this list of hikers who found body parts you’d think that hiking trails are basically an above ground cemetery. If there’s a takeaway here, it’s to always carry a well-charged cell phone if you’re going hiking, and make sure your friends know where you are.