The Most Humiliating Anime Villain Defeats Of All Time

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Just because an anime villain looks badass doesn't mean they'll meet their end with dignity. When the going gets tough, seemingly horrid antagonists often devolve into fits of screaming, crying, and begging for mercy.

Humiliating anime villain defeats are especially satisfying when the evildoer is an awful person. Watching Sword Art Online's Nobuyuki Sugou wail like an infant is amazingly gratifying, as he spends most of the series sexually assaulting and coercing innocent people. 

Things get a whole lot less fun when a sympathetic anime villain falls apart. It's hard to watch Light Yagami of Death Note meet his end, as fans know the boy's heart was in the right place at the start of the series. 

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    Speed-o'-Sound Sonic Gets Punched Between The Legs In 'One Punch Man'

    Speed-o'-Sound Sonic wholeheartedly believes he's Saitama's rival. If this were a conventional anime, the two would have a no-holds-barred battle to decide the most powerful warrior.

    However, this is One Punch Man, so pretty much all shonen tropes go out the window. Saitama easily defeats his so-called rival – who he has no particular interest in – by punching him in the crotch. Way to bring a villain back down to Earth. 

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    Levi Trounces Zeke In The Second Round In 'Attack on Titan'

    Levi Trounces Zeke In The Second Round In 'Attack on Titan'
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    When Zeke first fought Levi, he was totally caught off guard by just how strong a human could be against one of the Nine Titans. Understandable, right? However, it seems Zeke didn't learn his lesson the second time around. Even after planning months in advance and turning Levi's own comrades into pure Titans, Zeke still managed to get his butt whooped by Levi during their second fight. That's got to be humiliating for someone who always tries to think two steps ahead in battle.

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    Jogo's Volcanic Powers Aren't Enough To Defeat Gojo In 'Jujutsu Kaisen'

    Jogo's Volcanic Powers Aren't Enough To Defeat Gojo In 'Jujutsu Kaisen'
    Photo: Jujutsu Kaisen / MAPPA

    Jogo might be a Cursed Spirit who can incinerate an ordinary human with no effort at all, but that doesn’t mean he stands a chance against Satoru Gojo. Gojo is the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer in the world, so defeating Jogo is child’s play. All he has to do is activate his Limitless abilities and the Cursed Spirit doesn’t stand a chance. 

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    Alucard Obliterates Luke Valentine In 'Hellsing Ultimate'

    Despite the show's generally barbarous tone, some of the villains in Hellsing Ultimate go down in ridiculously embarrassing ways. Luke Valentine is a vampire who thinks he can murder Alucard without breaking a sweat. After Alucard severs his legs and mocks him for not being able to regenerate quickly enough, it's pretty obvious he made a mistake.

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    Nobuyuki Sugou Cries Like A Baby In 'Sword Art Online'

    Nobuyuki Sugou is one of most hated anime characters of all time, so watching him go down in a blaze of shame is deeply satisfying.

    Sugou, AKA Oberon in the virtual world of ALfheim Online, traps Asuna's consciousness in a cage while her body lies comatose in the real world. He then persuades Asuna's father to accept a marriage proposal on her behalf, while in the game he repeatedly molests her. 

    Kirito defeats Sugou's digital persona, and also manages to foil his plans in real life. In-game, an act of deus ex machina gives Kirito total control of the world's settings. He turns the game's Pain Absorber program all the way down to zero, so when Sugou's character gets hurt, he feels it in real life.

    When faced with actual pain, the haughty Sugou is reduced to a sniveling wreck, and he's easily defeated. Back in reality, Sugou tries to get revenge by attacking Kirito in a parking lot, but the hero overpowers him, then turns him over to the police. It's easily one of the most satisfying moments in Sword Art Online

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    Gon And Killua Show Three Heaven's Arena Fighters No Mercy In 'Hunter x Hunter'

    Riehlvelt, Gido, and Sadaso are fighters on the 200th floor of Heaven's Arena. Instead of relying on their combined strength, the three play dirty, kidnapping and blackmailing their way to victory. When they get caught, Riehlvelt decides to try and battle on his own merit, which doesn't work out so well. 

    In one of Hunter X Hunter's most brutal takedownsGon and Killua show Riehlvelt no mercy, breaking his wrists and electrocuting him until he loses consciousness from a combination of pain and fear. When he awakens, he's forced to leave Heaven's Arena with his tail between his legs.

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