Fan Theories About 'The Hunger Games' That Prove It's Darker Than We Remember

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The Hunger Games, the YA dystopian novels by Suzanne Collins, have become a fan favorite known to entertain on rainy days. However, for a popular comfort movie, The Hunger Games may be as dark as they come. Fortunately, there's no shortage of Hunger Games fan theories that dive into the dark conspiracies. 

It's impossible not to wonder what happened to Panem that a Battle Royale with kids has been a tradition for over fifty years. Fan theories like how the world beyond Panem is perfectly fine have drummed up plenty of discourse in The Hunger Games community. Take a look below and vote up the best Hunger Games fan theories!

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    Foxface Ended Her Own Life

    Foxface Ended Her Own Life
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    This theory, although never explicitly stated, is hard to look past. Foxface's demise took viewers by surprise and had many speculating. One theory from Redditor u/circlemanfan pretty much confirms it: 

    During the training montage scene in the Hunger Games movie, they show a clip of Foxface using some kind of program that tests her skill with identifying plants. They deliberately include this to show that she definitely has knowledge of the berries and their effects.

    And then comes the reason why it appeared as an honest mistake. Foxface knew what would happen if she blatantly committed suicide, it would look like defiance to the Capitol and her family would be killed. She decided to end it this way to make sure no one would think she was trying to outsmart anybody.

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    The Games Are A Way To Assess Each District's Capabilities

    The Games Are A Way To Assess Each District's Capabilities
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    This theory is highly regarded and more popular based on the compelling evidence. It's easy to overlook the harsh truth, the real reason behind such a deadly tradition. Redditor u/Burnnoticelover explains:

    The Hunger Games aren’t just a propaganda tool, they’re a way to assess each district’s insurgency capabilities and test countermeasures. President Snow isn’t an idiot, he knows that his method of ruling is bound to cause a rebellion eventually, especially with district 13 lying in wait.

    They use the reaping to gather a (mostly) random sampling. Giving extra food for entering your name multiple times ensures that they can see the skills of the truly desperate (those most likely to join a rebel militia) and allowing volunteers lets them see how the glory hounds and tough guys fare (those most likely to lead a rebel militia).

    From there, they offer training to see how quickly the average fighters from each district would adapt to combat training. How educated are they? How fast do they learn? Are weapons new to them, or do they have experience? They even test media savvy and ability to rally capitol citizens to their cause with Caesar Flickerman’s show.

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    Thresh's Death Was A Conspiracy

    Thresh's Death Was A Conspiracy
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    Thresh's death might've been intentionally vague, as there was a huge lightning storm happening at the same time. Quora user Abby Smith sheds some light with a popular theory:

    Thresh wasn’t killed by Cato, he was killed by a lighting strike from the gamemakers. This could have been done for a few reasons, one of which because he spared Katniss at the feast, and the gamemakers felt District 11 and 12 were getting too close. Another reason is that it looked like Thresh might be able to take Cato out during their fight and the gamemakers didn’t want that. We didn’t get to see how Cato and Thresh fought against each other but we can bet the gamemakers would prefer a champion from a career district.

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    Cinna Worked His Way Up Into The Capitol

    Cinna Worked His Way Up Into The Capitol
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    Audiences meet Cinna in the first Hunger Games as Katniss's comforting stylist. His presence is immediately different from the others we've met at the Capitol, and fans are still speculating about his mysterious background. From Redditor u/CaptainPie00:

    Cinna is one of the few that has risen above the brainwashing of the capital to work for change. It is my favorite theory because it is such an interesting idea that someone could not only move from the districts to the Capitol, but rise within the Capitol to have enough influence to be a stylist in the games. 

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    Madge's Motive In Passing The Mockingjay Pin On To Katniss

    Madge's Motive In Passing The Mockingjay Pin On To Katniss
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    The Mockingjay pin is one of the most important elements throughout the later books. There's been a ton of speculation about how Katniss came into the pin, which Quora user Alisha Thibodeau has a more lengthy and highly regarded theory: 

    I think that the pin was given to Katniss through Madge, but really by Madge's mother as a sign to Haymitch. Maysilee's pin was used to get Haymitch to acknowledge Katniss as both a competitor and rebel. The pin was symbolic to Mrs. Undersee, Mrs. Everdeen and Haymitch. Haymitch had connections to the other districts through his Victor status. I think it was Mrs. Undersee's last "F you" to the Capitol and was an intentional catalyst for the rebellion.

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    Tigris Was A Member Of The Capital Rebellion Faction

    Tigris Was A Member Of The Capital Rebellion Faction
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    The costume designer for the games, Tigris, is shady, but never really menacing. Depsite her working for the games, not much is revealed about her until Catching Fire, and even then the audiences are still at a loss. However, Redditor u/innocentsubterfuge has an idea why her reactions were so hot and cold: 

    Mine is farfetched, but I think Tigris may have been a leader, or at least one of the original members of the Capital Rebellion faction. Her transition from being Snow's #1 fan, to being visibly pleased that Katniss plans to kill him is incredibly interesting to me.

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