A Complete Timeline Of Panem And The World Of 'The Hunger Games'

Films based on The Hunger Games series have grossed nearly $3 billion at the box office worldwide. But much of the series' goodwill comes from the books, which have an entire history carved out. The history of Panem, the main setting of The Hunger Games, include a long list of events that contribute to its ultimately brutal legacy.

Tracing Panem's timeline explains why everything spirals into the dark and chaotic events fans know of, including Coriolanus Snow coming to power, the implementation of the Hunger Games, and the setups for Katniss Everdeen's inspirational Second Rebellion.

  • Pre-Panem Era: The World Is Ravaged By Nuclear Wars

    Pre-Panem Era: The World Is Ravaged By Nuclear Wars
    Photo: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 / Lionsgate

    Sometime in the future, the world is brought to ruin by a string of wars because of climate change. The Earth's resources dwindle to the point where nations try to invade one another.

    Ultimately, civilization itself collapses when nuclear war ravages the world. Billions of people perish due to conflicts and famine, forcing the survivors to move to smaller groups.

  • Pre-11 BTT: The Police State Of Panem Is Established

    Pre-11 BTT: The Police State Of Panem Is Established
    Photo: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire / Lionsgate

    During Pre-11 BTT (before the Treaty of Treason), a group of totalitarians form a state known as Panem, birthed from the ruins of the countries formerly known as Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

    Around this time, Panem assumes sole control of the people who reside within its borders. The consensus is that none of the other civilizations in the world exist anymore, which permanently places Panem as the only functioning state. 

    Not long after, Panem is determined to comprise the Capitol and 13 states that serve it, with the president holding absolute power.

  • 8-7 BTT: Coriolanus Snow And Lucy Gray Baird Are Born

    8-7 BTT: Coriolanus Snow And Lucy Gray Baird Are Born
    Photo: The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes / Lionsgate

    In 8 BTT, Coriolanus Snow is born in the Capitol to the popular Snow family. The clan is known for its ownership of different factories and research facilities. The Snow family is going through a decline in both wealth and status when Coriolanus is born.

    In 7 BTT, Lucy Gray Baird is born in District 12 within a group known as the Covey, travelers known for their singing abilities.

    During this time, the Capitol's fascism has caused significant unrest within Panem and rumblings of a rebellion have started.

  • 3 BTT-1 BTT: The First Rebellion Begins

    3 BTT-1 BTT: The First Rebellion Begins
    Photo: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 / Lionsgate

    In 3 BTT, all the districts stage a revolution against the Capitol to take control of Panem. Many different issues boil together to trigger the conflict, but the consensus is that District 13 is the main force driving the other districts against the Capitol.

    During the year, the Capitol uses biological weapons, mutations, and cutting-edge technology against the districts. Meanwhile, the latter use spies to infiltrate the Capitol to learn its secrets.

    Later that year, Coriolanus Snow's mother passes away during childbirth, which also leads to the demise of Corialanus's infant sister. Air raids conducted by the rebels prevent Corialanus's mother from receiving adequate healthcare. Her passing significantly removes Coriolanus's ability to feel empathy.

    In 2 BTT, the rebel forces cut off the Capitol's food supply, resulting in mass famine. Desperate and starving people resort to cannibalism.

    In 1 BTT, General Crassus Snow is slain when a rebel sniper successfully assassinates him, and Coriolanus becomes an orphan.

  • Circa 0 BTT: Rebel Forces Launch An Invasion Of The Capitol

    Circa 0 BTT: Rebel Forces Launch An Invasion Of The Capitol
    Photo: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 / Lionsgate

    Pre-0 BTT, rebel forces have successfully isolated the Capitol's residents within its walls. They consider it a prime opportunity to invade now that they're aware of their enemies' location.

    A short time later, the rebels' plan backfires when they are unable to make it through the Capitol's fortifications, and the latter's forces capitalize on this by relentlessly going after their enemies from higher vantage points. 

    Later that year, District 13, realizing it has no chance of defeating the Capitol, acquires nuclear weapons from the Capitol and uses them to negotiate a ceasefire. The truce is based on the promise of mutually assured destruction should the Capitol fail to comply. 

    The Capitol agrees to feign District 13's destruction to cripple the other districts' war efforts. In reality, District 13's populace is relocated to underground bunkers to ensure their survival.

    Sometime later, District 13 is extensively bombed by the Capitol on the surface level. The remaining districts believe that District 13 has been wiped out and lost the war.

  • 0-1 ATT: The Treaty Of Treason Is Penned And The Hunger Games Begin

    0-1 ATT: The Treaty Of Treason Is Penned And The Hunger Games Begin
    Photo: The Hunger Games / Lionsgate

    Pre-0 ATT (after the Treaty of Treason) is known as the Dark Days. Each day brings news of another district falling to the Capitol's might. Soon, the First Rebellion falls, a decisive victory for the Capitol.

    In 0 ATT, the Treaty of Treason is penned by the Capitol, which states that the 12 districts are to pay penance for their defiance. It specifies that one male and female from ages 12 to 18 will participate in a gladiatorial contest known as the Hunger Games as a tribute to the Capitol.

    In 1 ATT, the first anniversary of the Capitol's victory and the imposition of the Treaty of Treason is marked by the staging of the Hunger Games, held at the Capitol Arena.