Hunter S. Thompson Thinks You Should Read These Books

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Hunter S. Thompson was critical of many things; sports, politics (Nixon in particular), society at large, drugs, books... the list goes on. So when he recommends something there is certainly an interest in why such a specific mind as his would enjoy it. He was a man who lived his life by excess, when he loved something he really loved it. Now, thanks to Electric Literature, here are the books Thompson recommended to many people close to him.

This was a man who wanted to feel how the words in The Great Gatsby felt to write out, so he did the only natural thing. He retyped the entire novel, word for word, multiple times on his typewriter. He loved that novel so much he wanted to feel how it was written.

Everyone has a few novels and works of literature they recommend to anyone who'll listen; maybe some of your go-to recs are those that Thompson recommended to friends, family, and various coworkers or editors over the years, all of which indicate his taste in literature. You can tell a lot about a person by the books they enjoy and by the words that shaped them. These are the words that shaped Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, one of the most brilliant American writers of all time.

Source for all quotes: Electric Literature