Every Celebrity Hunter Schafer Has Dated

Who is Hunter Schafer dating? She may be a newer star, with her success on Euphoria, but there have already been a few famous Hunter Schafer girlfriends and boyfriends. This list will give you more information on the full Hunter Schafer dating history, including exes, relationships, dating rumors, and breakups. 

Who has Hunter Schafer dated? Model Massima Desire is one of the women Hunter Schafer dated in February 2020. This list features Hunter Schafer relationships, along with additional information about the people she dated, such as when they were born and what they do professionally. Is Hunter Schafer single? Well, there is no Hunter Schafer wife or husband, so the star has never married. However, Schafer is rumored to be dating co-star Dominic Fike, which the pair seemingly confirmed with a kissy photo in Fike's Instagram Story on February 10, 2022.

Check out the list of Hunter Schafer relationships below.